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Descendants of John KILLAM/KILLHAM
Generation No. 6
His 3rd Greatgrand Child

Knyphausen GEER
Ella Anna SWEET

Knyphausen was born 20 October 1836 in Springfield, Portage, Ohio and married 6 July 1867 , in Humboldt, California, Ella Anna SWEET, the Daughter of Alonzo A SWEET and Mary A. HAMPTON. She was born November 1852 in , Erie, New York and died 11 August 1912 in Napa, Napa, California. Knyphausen died 4 February 1922 in Arcata, Humboldt California.

Humboldt county, Calfornia

Ella Sweet
* Marriage: Captain Knyphausen Geer 6 Jul 1867, Humboldt County, California, USA 16

Ella married Captain Knyphausen Geer, son of Israel Smith Geer Jr. and Orlinda Holcomb, on 6 Jul 1867 in Humboldt County, California, USA.16 (Captain Knyphausen Geer was born on 20 Oct 1836 in , Portage, Ohio, USA 16 and died on 4 Feb 1922 in Arcata, Humboldt County, California, USA 16.)

16 Walter Geer, The Genealogy - A Historical record of George and Thomas Geer and their Descendants in the United States from 1623 - to 1923 (New York : Brantano's 1923).

General Notes:

As a lad of nineteen, after the death of his parents, he left Fulton County, Ohio and traveled by ship to Amado County, California using a stake from a land investment in Ohio. Of an adventuresome and courageous spirit, he mined for gold and drilled for oil. He served as captain in the Fist Battalion of Mountaineers, California Volunteers and was prominent in the last Indian fight in Humboldt County. He was a rancher, assessor and built roads in pioneer California. He was civic minded, serving as Trustee of Blue Lake, California when it was incorporated. In his later years, he took an interest in beautifying the school ground of his district.

Census Records

1870 Census Pacific Twp., Humboldt, Califrnia. Page 297
                                            R Estate Personal Whare      Month
Name              Age Sex Race Occupation   Value    Value    Born       Born
GEER   Knyphussen  33	 M   W   Stock Raiser $  2,500 $  2,880 Ohio       -----
 "     Ella        17  F   W   		KH     -------- -------- New York   -----
 "     Nora A       2  F   W   ------------ -------- -------- California -----
 "     Hamilton S  4M  M   W   ------------ -------- -------- California Feb
PRANG  Thomas      10  M   W   ------------ -------- -------- California -----
KENMAN Nathan      19  M   W   Dairy Hand   -------- -------- New York   -----

1880 Census Bear River, Humboldt, California, ED 44 Page 4 Line 30
                                     Mar            |   Place of Birth   |
Name             Race Sex Age Relat  Sta Occupation |Self   Father Mother|
GEER     K        W    M   42 -----   D  Farmer      Ohio   Ohio   Ohio
 "       Nora     W    F   12 Dau     S  At School   Cal.   Ohio   Wisc.
 "       Hampton  W    M   10 Son     S  At School   Cal.   Ohio   Wisc.
ENOCH    Joseph   W    M   46 Serv    S  Laborer     Tenn.  N. C.  N. C.
SCODLARD Wilhan   W    M   48 Serv    S  Laborer     Ire.   Ire.   Ire.

1880 Census Yount, Napa, California, ED   Page
                                        Mar               |   Place of Birth   |
Name                Race Sex Age Relat  Sta Occupation    |Self   Father Mother|
SCRIBNER Thaddeas    W    M   42 -----   M  Farmer         N. Y.  N. Y.  N. Y.
   "     Ella Annie  W    F   28 Wife    M  Kepping House  N. Y.  N. Y.  N. Y.
   "     Thaddeas M  W    M    3 Son     S  -------------  Cal.   N. Y.  N. Y.
GEER     Hampton S   W    M    9 S Son   S  -------------  Cal.   N. Y.  N. Y.
SWEET    Otis C      W    M   49 Uncle   Wd Laborer        N. Y.  Mass.  Verm.
  "      Rosa        W    F   11 Dau     S  Attends School Cal.   N. Y.  Iowa

1900 Census Madriver, Humboldt, California, ED 29 Sheet 14 Line 73
                               Mont Year     Mar Yrs |   Place of Birth   |
Name            Relat Race Sex Born Born Age Sta Mar |Self   Father Mother| Occupation
GEER Knyphausen Head   W    M   Oct 1836  63  Wd ---  Ohio   Verm.  Ohio    Farmer

1900 Census Knox, Nampa, California, ED 90 Sheet 1B Line 82
                                  Mont Year     Mar Yrs |   Place of Birth   |
Name               Relat Race Sex Born Born Age Sta Mar |Self   Father Mother| Occupation
Scribner Thaddius  Head   W    M   Jan 1840  60  M   24  N. Y.  N. Y.  N. Y.   Farmer
   "     Ella      Wife   W    F   Nov 1852  47  M   24  N. Y.  N. Y.  N. Y.   ----------
   "     Mande     Dau    W    F   Jan 1881  19  S  ---  Cal.   N. Y.  N. Y.   ----------
   "     LeRoy M   Son    W    M   Sep 1882  17  S  ---  Cal.   N. Y.  N. Y.   Student
   "     Benie G   Son    W    M   Nov 1886  13  S  ---  Cal.   N. Y.  N. Y.   ----------
   "     Lewis     Son    W    M   Jun 1888  11  S  ---  Cal.   N. Y.  N. Y.   ----------
   "     John B    Son    W    M   Feb 1892   8  S  ---  Cal.   N. Y.  N. Y.   ----------
GEER     Hampton S S Son  W    M   Feb 1871  29  S  ---  Cal.   N. Y.  N. Y.   Laborer Farm
Ella Mother of 8 Chldren 8 Living

1900 Census Mad River Twp., Humboldt, Ca;ifornia, ED 29 Sheet 12A Line 33
                              Mont Year     Mar Yrs |   Place of Birth   |
Name           Relat Race Sex Born Born Age Sta Mar |Self   Father Mother| Occupation
TEAL Charles W Head   W    M   Jun 1862  37  M   10  Mich.  Mich.  Mich.
 "   Nora A    Wife   W    F   May 1868  32  M   10  Cal.   Ohio   N. Y.
 "   Maud M    Dau    W    F   Aug 1891   8  S  ---  Cal.   Mich.  Cal.
 "   Iva M     Dau    W    F   Apr 1893   7  S  ---  Cal.   Mich.  Cal.
 "   Nancy M   Dau    W    F   Mar 1895   5  S  ---  Csl.   Mich.  Cal.
 "   Ella A    Dau    W    F   Oct 1896   3  S  ---  Cal.   Mich.  Cal.
Nora A Mother of 4 Children 4 Living

1910 Census Mad River Twp., Humboldt, California, ED 16 Sheet 10B Line 78
                                   Mar Yrs |   Place of Birth   |
Name            Relat Sex Race Age Sta Mar |Self   Father Mother| Occupation
GEER Knyphausen H Man  M   W    63  Wd ---  Ohio   Verm.  Ohio    Farmer

1910 Census Knox, Napa, California
                                 Mar Yrs |   Place of Birth   |
Name          Relat Sex Race Age Sta Mar |Self   Father Mother| Occupation
GEER Hampton  Head   M   W    40  M  ---  Cal.   N. Y.  N. Y.
 "   Cleo     Wife   F   W    27  M  ---  Cal.   Cal.   Wisc.
 "   Fern     Dau    F   W     6  S  ---  Cal.   Cal.   Cal.
 "   Bertrm   Son    M   W     4  S  ---  Cal.   Cal.   Cal.
 "   Waldon   Son    M   W     3  S  ---  Cal.   Cal.   Cal.
 "   Garldine Dau    F   W     1  S  ---  Cal.   Cal.   Cal.

1920 Census Mad River Twp., Humboldt, California, ED 58 Sheet 3A Line 50
                                   Mar |   Place of Birth   |
Name            Relat Sex Race Age Sta |Self   Father Mother| Occupation
GEER Knyphausen Head   M   W    83  Wd  Ohio   Ohio   Vermont None

U.S. Civil War Soldier Records and Profiles

Name:               Knyphausen Geer	
Age at Enlistment:  26	
Enlistment Date:    27 Apr 1863	
Rank at enlistment: 1st Lieut	
Enlistment Place:   Fort Humbolt, CA	
State Served:       California	
Survived the War?:  Yes	
Service Record:     Commissioned an officer in Company A, California 1st mountaineers Battalion on 30 Apr 1863.
                    Promoted to Full Captain on 09 Sep 1864. Mustered out on 25 Apr 1865 at Fort Humboldt, CA. 	
Birth Date:         20 Oct 1836	
Death Date:         04 Feb 1922	
Death Place:        Humboldt, Arcata County, CA	
Sources:            Register of California Men in the War of the Rebellion 1861 to 1867

Information provided by HDS subscribers

Geer, Kuyphausen or Knyphausen (also known as Foss Geer), Oct. 20, 1836; born probably in ----- 1st Lieut., Co. A, 1st Calif. Mountaineers Bn. as of Dec. 31, 1864 listed as commanding Camp Iaqua, Humboldt County, Calif. no date Captain. Jan. 18, 1890 applied for a pension (certificate number 745871) from California; Feb. 4, 1922 died at Acata, Humboldt County, Calif. His father was Israel Smith Geer who was born Jan. 1, 1798 at Wells, Rutland County, Vt. and died about 1842 at Fulton, Ohio. His mother was Orlinda Holcomb Geer who was born about 1800 and died about 1847 at Fulton. The parents were married on Dec. 20, 1820 at Portage, Ohio. K. Geer's brothers and sisters are listed as Noble, Lucinda, Irora, Jesiah, Deforest and Lucia, all born between 1818 and 1841; Sylvester born April 14, 1815 at Portage, Summit County, Ohio; Tryphena born about 1832; Knyphausen born Oct. 20, 1836; James born about 1851; Charles born about 1853-the last two born years after both parents listed as died. His grandparents included Israel Smith Geer (same name as father) who was born Dec. 1, 1778 at Brooklyn, Windham County, Connecticut. and Susannah Culver born Aug. 7, 1778 at Wells, Rutland, Vt.

Civil War Pension Index: General Index to Pension Files

 Name:        Knyphausen Geer  View Image
 State Filed: California

Ella Anna Sweet Birth -- Nov 1852 in New York, United States Death 11 Aug 1912 in Napa, Napa, California, United States

Tomb Stone Inscription: Alonzo Sweet / Born / Dec. 11, 1829 / Died / June 9, 1895 / Mary Ann Sweet / Born / Mar. 14, 1829 / Died / Nov. 8, 1883 / Natives of N. Y.

News Paper Articles on Ella Anna SWEET's Father
Alonzo A SWEET

14 January 1871 “SBF”
A new post office established at Centerville, Humboldt county with Alonzo Sweet as Postmaster. Name given the office is “False Cape Post Office”. “Where the Ferns Grow Tall” (A local history compiled by Ferndale Union High School in 1976. Centerville is an outskirts community 5 miles from Ferndale, and on the ocean.) SWEET’S HOTEL On the beach at Centerville (Eureka and Petrolia Road) A pleasant place of resort during the spring and summer months, affording a splendid opportunity to drive or ride on the beach, or through Eel Rive Valley. The best accommodations for travelers and visitors at moderate charges. A SWEET, Proprietor Centerville, January 20, 1871

4 August 1882 ‘Ferndale Enterprise’
A. Sweet, formerly of this place, is residing at Monticello, Napa County. He writes us that the mercury stands at 90 deg. in the shade, and that the mornings and evenings are delightful.

9 March 1883 ‘Ferndale Enterprise’
COMMUNICATIONS, Monticello, Napa Co., Cal. Feb. 24, 1883
Dear Editor and Kind Friends:
We have had a very cold, dry, frosty winter in this little valley up to the twentieth of this month, but it is warm enough for summer now, and some of the trees are in blossom. We have had but very little rain yet, and the people are afraid that crops will be a failure in Berryessa. The railroad survey goes on, drought or no drought. Stanford and Crocker have a company of surveyors laying out a road to the redwoods. They started at Vacaville and passed through Monticello, and one of the party informed me that they were bound for the redwoods by way of Clear Lake.

It begins to look as though Humboldters would have a chance to ride to the city without getting sea-sick, Dr. Alford in particular. Monticello is a little village about half the size of Ferndale, situated near the center of the valley.
~~~More Anon,
A. Sweet

8 June 1883 ‘Ferndale Enterprise’
Monticello, Napa, Co., May 27
I have learned a method of treating kicking cows which works so charmingly that I want to give it to friends in Humboldt through your paper. Pass a strap around the body of the cow forward of the hip bones. Draw the strap tight and buckle it. The cow will probably buck some when you first put it on, but as soon as she stops you can sit down and milk with perfect safety. I have tried this on two vicious cows and it works splendidly. A rope will do, but a strap two, or two and a half inches wide is preferable. The breast strap of a harness will span a small cow. A strap six and a half feet long will span any cow of ordinary size. Well, summer has come at last and farmers are busy harvesting hay. The long looked for rain came just in time to save the crops and the farmers are jubilant. We had nine rainy days in the fore-part of the present month. The thermometer is up to 98 degrees above zero. How is that for high?

The railroad engineers have gone from our gaze, but I believe it is pretty certain that the road will be built next summer.

Doctor, I admire your liberal, common sense views on the subject of dancing. King David, I believe, danced before his family in a nude state. That kind of dancing would not be countenanced in this age of civilization. The author of the Dance of Death acknowledges that he has been a man of pleasure, and I would infer that the picture of the subject presented in the Dance of Death was drawn principally from the low dance houses, instead of the social dance, where brothers and sisters, parents and their children mingle joyously together. Such vicious thoughts as portrayed in the Dance of Death does not enter their heads.
----A. Sweet

15 November 1889 ‘Ferndale Enterprise’
Capt. Foss Geer and daughter Nora, of Blue Lake, were called to Bear River this week by the serious illness of Alonzo Sweet, Miss Nora’s grandfather.

14 November 1890 ‘Ferndale Enterprise’
Alonzo Sweet, of Bear River, received the sad intelligence this week of the death of his brother Otis Sweet, at Santa Margarita, San Luis Obispo county.

12 June 1895 Paper Unknown

Alonzo Sweet, a pioneer of Humboldt and Trinity counties, died at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. S.W. Morrison of Bear river, last Saturday morning, June 8th, says the “Oracle”.

About eight years ago he suffered a stroke of paralysis, since which time he has been an invalid, tenderly cared for by his loving daughter and last Saturday he passed quietly away.

Alonzo Sweet was a man respected by all who know him for his many sterling qualities. He was on of Nature’s noblemen---honest, upright and possessed of a kind and generous nature. He was a native of New York, from which state he emigrated to Wisconsin. In 1859 he came to this state and located at Weaverville, Trinity county. In 1865 he removed to Humboldt county, settling in Bear river valley. He was located at Centerville for many years, engaged in the hotel business.

He leaves four daughters to mourn his death, namely, Mrs. S.W. Morrison, of Bear river, Mrs. T.S. Scribner, of Napa county, Mrs. Carrie Weckworth of Ashland, Oregon, and Mrs. M. Christiansen, of Tillamook, Oregon. The funeral took place from G.W. Dungan’s undertaking parlors at 1:30 o’clock Monday. Rev. S.R. Wood officiating, and was largely attended by the pioneer friends of the deceased. The remains were placed at rest beside the grave of his wife in Ferndale cemetery. Pioneers A. Berding, H. Hollisster, J.B. Grover, C.A. Doe, J.W. Kemp and G.A. Dungan acted as pall bearers.

14 June 1895 ‘Ferndale Enterprise’
Last Sunday morning at three o’clock Alonzo Sweet passed to his final rest at the home of S.W. Morrison on Bear river. About seven years ago the old gentleman suffered a stroke of paralysis and has been a helpless invalid ever since, during which time he has been carefully cared for and tenderly nursed by his loving daughter Mrs. Morrison, assisted by members of her family.

His death was painless and was as peaceful as the going down of the sun. His remains were interred in the Ferndale cemetery Monday afternoon along side of those of his wife, whose death occurred several years ago. Rev. S.R. Wood officiated and the following named citizens acted as pall bearers; A. Berding, H.W. Hollister, Jas B Groves, C A Doe, J W Kemp and G A Dungan.

Alonzo Sweet was born in Erie county, NY, and was 68 years of age. In 1854 he went to Wisconsin, coming to California in 1859. He lived in Shasta and Trinity counties until 1865, when he moved to Humboldt, where he has since resided. He was married in 1850 to Mary A. Hampton, and has four daughters who survive him---Mrs. F. Weckworth and Mrs. Jas Christensen of Oregon, Mrs. T.S. Scribner of Napa county and Mrs. S W Morrison of Bear river.

He was a man whom everybody respected and was possessed of many noble qualities and a most kindly disposition. To his bereaved daughter and sorrowing relatives our sympathies are extended, and they will surely find consolation in the fact that the old gentleman is now beyond the reach of further suffering and pain. In peace shall he rest.

Children of Knyphausen GEER and Ella Annie SWEET:

 +  1. NORA ADELINE   b: 21 May 1868; Bear River. Humboldt, California.
                     md:  9 Nov 1890; Eureka, Humboldt, California.
                                      Charles Wellington TEAL
                     md:  2 Sep 1908; Arcata, Humboldt, California.
                                      Jesse L NOE
                      d:  6 Sep 1925; Eureka, Humboldt, California.
 +  2. HAMPTON SMITH  b:  9 Feb 1871; , Humboldt, California.
                     md:    Abt 1902; Knox, Napa, California.
                                     Cloe ANDERSON
                      d: 30 Jul 1911; , San Joaquin, California.

CHILDREN of Thaddeas Seron SCRIBNER and Ella Annie SWEET:

    1. THADDEAS M     b:    Abt 1877; , Napa, California.
                      d:    Bef 1900; , Mapa, California.
    2. MAUDE Z        b: 26 Jan 1881; , Napa, California.
    3. LEROY MARGIRIS b:    Sep 1882; , Napa, California.
    4. BENNIE V       b:    Nov 1886; , Napa, California.
    5. LEWIS          b:    Jun 1888; , Napa, California.
    	. JOHN BOVIL     b:    Feb 1892; , Napa, California.
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1 Ella Sweet
  + Knyphausen GEER b: 20 Oct 1836 d: 4 Feb 1922
    2 Nora Adaline GEER 
      + Charles Wellington TEAL
        3 Maude Margaret TEAL
        3 Ivy Theresa May TEAL
        3 Nancy Myrtle TEAL
        3 Ella Adaline TEAL
    2 Hampton Smith GEER
1 Ella SWEET
  + KNYPHAUSEN GEER b: 20 OCT 1836 d: 4 FEB 1922
    2 Nora A. GEER
      + Charles W. TEAL
        3 Maude M. TEAL
          + Leslie R. CODONI
            4 Barbara Jane CODONI
              + William E. HORN
                5 Living HORN
                  + Living BARHAM
                    6 Living HORN
                    6 Living HORN
                      + Living CUSICK
                    6 Living HORN
                      + Living BOWEN
1 Mary Ann HAMPTON  b: ABT 1829 d: 1883
  + Alonzo A. SWEET  b: 1827 d: 1895
    2 Delia S. SWEET b: 17 Jun 1851 d: 11 Aug 1912
      + Silas William MORRISON b: 1850
    2 Ella Annie SWEET b: Nov 1852 d: 1912
      + Thaddeus Seron SCRIBNER b: 31 Jan 1837 d: 4 Apr 1901
        3 Thaddeus M. SCRIBNER b: 1877
        3 Maude Z. SCRIBNER b: 26 Jan 1881 d: 28 Apr 1957
          + Henry Hansen THOMPSON b: Jan 1866 d: 10 Oct 1932
            4 Ellen Lenore THOMPSON b: 19 Feb 1903 d: 2 Jul 2006
              + Ellis PRICE
            4 Henry Hampton THOMPSON b: 13 Nov 1906 d: 12 Sep 1995
              + Goldie Leona COLON b: 11 Oct 1910 d: 19 Feb 1985
            4 Thomas M. THOMPSON b: 24 Feb 1913 d: 10 Jun 1993
              + LIVING
          + John Montreville KIRKMAN b: 10 Apr 1883 d: 22 Oct 1944
        3 Margiris Leroy SCRIBNER b: Sep 1882 d: 1920
          + Rose Pearl MOORE b: 25 Apr 1887 d: 8 Jul 1952
            4 Thornton Seron SCRIBNER b: 1903 d: 1950
            4 Baby SCRIBNER b: 1904 d: 1904
            4 David Leroy SCRIBNER b: 1909 d: 1927
            4 Joseph Bert SCRIBNER b: 1916 d: 1961
            4 Patrick Eugene SCRIBNER b: 1918 d: 1966
        3 Bani V. SCRIBNER b: Nov 1886
        3 David Clayton SCRIBNER b: 1889
        3 John Bovil SCRIBNER b: 1891 d: 1943
      + Knyphausen N. Foss GEER b: 20 Oct 1836 d: 4 Feb 1922
        3 Nora Adeline GEER b: 21 May 1868
        3 Hampton Smith GEER b: 9 Feb 1870 d: 30 Jul 1911
    2 Carrie M. SWEET  b: ABT 1864 d: 20 Dec 1944
      + Frank WECKWORTH b: 1860
    2 Artie May SWEET b: 25 May 1865 d: 9 Feb 1936
    2 Willie SWEET b: ABT 1871