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Descendants of Richard WAITE
Lucy Marvin GRISWOLD

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Richard WAITE
Alice Jane VORIS

Richard was born 20 September 1831 in Lyme, New London, Connecticut and married, 21 May 1857, in Newark, Essex, New Jersey, Alice Jane VORIS. She was born 11 Mar 1834 in Brooklyn, Kings, New York.

Census Records

1880 Census Toledo, Lucas, Ohio, Page 109D
                                   Mar               |   Place of Birth   |
Name            Race Sex Age Relat Sta Occupation    |Self   Father Mother|
WAITE   Richard  W    M   48 -----  M  Lawyer         Conn.  Conn.  Conn.
  "     Alice    W    F   45 Wife   M  Keeping House  N. Y.  N. Y.  N. Y.
  "     Maria    W    F   15 Dau   --- At School      Ohio   N. Y.  Conn.
  "     Richard  W    M   14 Son   --- At School      Ohio   N. Y.  Conn.
  "     Alice    W    F   12 Dau    S  At School      Ohio   N. Y.  Conn.
  "     William  W    M   10 Son    S  At School      Ohio   N. Y.  Conn.
  "     Mary     W    F    6 Dau    S  At School      Ohio   N. Y.  Conn.
  "     Douglas  W    M   52 Brot   S  At Home        Conn.  Conn.  Conn.
HIGGINS Mary     W    F   23 Other --- Domestic       Ire.   Ire.   Ire.
DURR    Nellie   W    F   20 Other --- Domestic       Ire.   Ire.   Ire.

- February 1876 -
Page 317

* Chief Justice Waite is not the only lawyer son of Hon. Henry M. Waite. Richard Waite has been in active and prosperous law practice in Toledo, Ohio, for some nineteen years. Another son, George C. Waite, who died in his twenty-ninth year, was a promising lawyer in Troy, New York, and an efficient member of the Troy Board of Education. To him that city is mainly indebted for its present free-school system. Hon. Horace F. Waite, of Chicago, a prominent lawyer, member of the Illinois Legislature, etc., is a nephew of the late Hon. Henry M. Waite, and a native of Lyme. Mr. Daniel Chadwick, a leading lawyer, State's attorney, etc., residing in Lyme, is another nephew; and a niece married the accomplished scholar, Rev. Davis Clark Brainard (recently deceased), who for more than a third of a century had been the pastor of the Lyme church.


May 26, 1862, Governor Tod called for 500 additional men for three months, for three years, or for guard duty. The first Company to respond was the Toledo Light Guards, Captain Richard Waite, of Ohio Militia of the Reserve, which reported June 3d. A second Company, recruited in Toledo by Uriah Gregory (then proprietor of the Ohio Business College) and Edmond Paine, left Toledo June 5th, for Camp Chase, where the Eighty-Fourth Ohio Regiment was organized June 7th, in which the first named was Company A, and the other Company K. The Regiment left for Cumberland, Maryland, on the 11th of that month. From that point detachments were sent in different directions for preventing the passage of arms and supplies into the Rebel lines, capturing Rebel mails, and putting an end to guerrilla operations. September 13th, it was ordered to New Creek, where an attack by the Rebel forces under Jackson and Imboden was anticipated, but did not occur. Its term of service having expired, the Regiment returned to Ohio, and after being reviewed and highly complimented by Governor Tod at Camp Delaware

Name                Rank           Age
Wm. Lawrence        Colonel        ---
John J. Wiseman	 Lieut. Colonel ---
John C. Groom       * Major        ---
Benjamin B. Leonard Surgeon        ---
James W. Thompson	 Asst., Surgeon ---
Abraham R. Howbert  Chaplain       ---

Name Rank Age Richard Waite Captain 30 John B. Lounsbury 1st Lieutenant 24 Hamilton C. Colton(t) 2d Lieutenant 18 George F. Straeper 1st Sergeant 27 Frank Braisted(tt) 35 Victor Keen Sergeant 27 George H. Pfanner 19 Carlos Colton 25 Charles N. Stevens 19 Dante W. Thomas Corporal 19 John L. Johnston 21 Ezra L. Ross 27 Joseph H. Prentiss 19 Samuel F. Hersey 21 Pliny H. Sanderson 18 Foster V. Wilder 22 John H. Mack 20 John H. Hicks 21 George W. Brown Musician 16 Chas. R. LaCroix --- Brooks, Charles L Private 18 Blodgett, Henry W 20 Bishop, Austin 19 Bennett, Alanson 18 Bodley, Prichard P 20 Barnard, Edgar A 20 Bellman, Frederick 18 Bashare, Henry 21 Burge, Edwin C(t) 22 Brownlee, James 19 Boehm, L. Edward 19 Chase, George A 21 Card, Frank S 21 Curtis, Charles P 22 Clark, Alfred 19 Cone, Wm. H 20 Curson, George 21 Carsner, Michael 23 Clark, Wm. H 22 Cherry, Charles W 27 Church, Charles M 18 Durbin, Edward A 24 Flagg. Frank 19 Fisk, Charles H 18 Fraser, Spencer L 18 Ferdig, Jeremiah 34 Ford, Eugene F 21 Fraser, William 24 Ford, George F 24 Gill, Frank H 18 Gillett, Douglass C 18 Grover, David 21 Green, Simeon F 20 Holt, William 28 Himes, Frederick W 22 Hamblin, Frederick S 17 Hurst, Horace N 18 Haynes, James 20 Johnson, William 21 Kennon, Thomas W 18 Lawrence, Aaron 19 Leutz, George 24 Lankin, Richard 15 Marvin, George L 17 Murphy, John D 22 Nagely, John 18 Osborn, Ralph 17 Pratt, Phineas B 23 Pfanner, Jacob P 17 Potter, Emery D., Jr 18 Richardson, George F 19 Raymond, Henry 19 Raymond, J. Morton 17 Richards, Henry C 19 Reitter, Thomas C 20 Sanderson, James W 18 Stearns, Mordant 20 Stockman, Richard 19 Sturtevant, Harry F 20 Swift, Charles J 20 Stephan, Edward J 20 Landman, William 32 Steig Jacob 24 Stribler, Martin 21 Tourtellotte, Eugene C 18 Taylor, H. Burton 18 Taylor, John 20 Thomas, Charles D 18 Voris, William J 19 Vischer, Edward 18 Walbridge, W. Hunt 18 Wright, James H 18 Waite, Henry S 21 Wheeler, R. Jeffrey 18 Winslow, George 21 Williams, Henry W 20 * Appointed Colonel 100th Ohio V. I (t) Died August 10, 1862. (tt)Appointed Regimental Quartermaster July 15,1862
Name Rank Age Waite Harrison Private 17

June 18, 1862
Richard Waite, Captain, Company A, et. al., 84th Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Camp Lawrence, near Cumberland, Maryland. To Governor David Tod. Letter signed by eight Captains of the 84th Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry; and stating that understanding that Charles D. Rhodes, Quartermaster, 84th Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry had tendered his resignation, they would request, if said resignation was accepted, that Frank Braisted of Company A be appointed as Rhodes' successor. 1 p. [Series 147-37: 168]

CHILDREN of Richard WAITE and Alice Jane VORIS:

   1. MORRISON REMICK b: 28 Apr 1858; Newark, Essex, New Jersey.
                      d: 26 Dec 1858; Newark, Essex, New Jersey.
   2. ANNIS MARIA     b: 16 Mar 1860; Newark, Essex, New Jersey.
                      d: 22 Nov 1863; , , .
   3  AMELIA WARNER   b: 25 Jan 1862; , , .
                      d:  8 Dec 1863; , , .
   4. MARIA           b: 12 Dec 1864; Toledo, Lucas, Ohio.
   5. RICHARD         b: 14 Aug 1866; Toledo, Lucas, Ohio.
   6. ALICE L         b: 23 Jul 1868; Toledo, Lucas, Ohio.
   7. WILLIAM HENRY   b: 25 Aug 1870; Toledo, Lucas, Ohio.
                     md: 21 Jun 1898; , , .
                                      Katherine M WILEY
   8. MARY BELLE      b: 24 Sep 1873; Toledo, Lucas, Ohio.
                      d: 31 Aug 1880; Toledo, Lucas, Ohio.
   9. JOHN BAKER      b: 14 Aug 1882; Toledo, Lucas, Ohio.
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