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John DAY's Ancestry
DAY Family.

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John DAY
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John was born between 1639 and 1645 in Ipswich, Suffolk, England and married first about 1670 in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut, Mary GAYLORD, the daughter of Walter GAYLORD and Mary STEBBINS. She was born 19 March 1651 in Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut amd died about 1682-1683 in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut. He married second, about 1683, in Hartford County, Connecticut, Sarah BUTLER the daughter of Thomas BUTLER and Sarah STONE. She was born about 1657 in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut. John died 29 April 1730, in Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut.

Genealogical Dictionary of New England Settlers

JOHN, Hartford, s. of Robert of the same, by w. Sarah (BUTLER) MAYNARD1, had Joseph, b. a. 1675; Jon, 1677; Thomas; Mary; Maynard; Sarah, bapt. 19 Sept. 1686; William, 24 Apr. 1692; and Joseph, again, 14 June 1699

A genealogical register of the descendants
in the male line
Robert Day of Hartford, Conn.,
who died in the year 1648
Pages 61 to 62.

John DAY, of Hartford, son of Robert a brother of Thomas, (I) m. Sarah MAYNARD2 of Hartford, and died probably in 1730. His will was proved May 5, 1730.

2. Note I do not know where the notion comes from that John married Sarah MAYNARD, except for the fact that he named one of his children Maynard but this can be explained from the fact that his mother had married Deacon John MAYNARD as her second husband, and he named this child after him. Also the will of Thomas BUTLER lists John as one of his heirs. as he is married to his daughter Sarah BUTLER.
See a copy of this will

1729 to 1732.
Page 53

Name: John Day Location: Hartford
Invt. 820-18-10. Taken 29 April, 1730, by Joseph Barnard, Ozias Goodwin and Samuel Edwards.
Will dated 16 November, 1725.

I, John Day of Hartford, do make this my last will and testament: I give to my wife two cowes, with a full 1/3 part of the remainder of my moveable estate, as also all my right in the mill; and after her decease I give it to my son William and his heirs. I give to my son John Day 40 shillings, to be paid out of my weaving tackling. I do confirm to my several sons the deeds of gift I have formerly made to them of my lands, to them and their heirs. I give to my son William and to his heirs my 3-acre lott in the Long Meadow. I give to my son Joseph my loom with all the appurtenances thereto belonging. All the rest of my moveable estate not before given I give to my daughters, equally to be divided among them, only my daughter Sarah shall have the value of 4 more in them than either of her sisters. And I appoint my wife Sarah to be sole executrix.
It being before omitted, I add: I give to my wife the use of ½ of my house during her widowhood, and ½ the cellar, the houseing to be on the south part.
Signed and sealed and declared in presence of John Day, ls.
Timothy Woodbridge, Joseph Wadsworth, Jonathan Olcott.

Court Record, Page 19--5 May, 1730: Will proven and inventory exhibited.


    1.JOSEPH     b:    Abt 1672; Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut.
                 d:        1697; Hartford, Hartord, Connecticut.
                 See His Will
    2. THOMAS    b:    Abt 1674; Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut
                md: 21 Sep 1696; Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut.
                                 Hannah WILSON.
                 d: 20 Jun 1724 Hartford, Hartrford, Connecticut.
                 See His Will
 +  3. JOHN    chr: 24 Sep 1676; Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut.
                md:    Abt 1695; .
                                 Mary HALE
                md: 12 Jan 1696; Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut.
                                 Grace SPENCER.
                 d:  4 Nov 1752; Colchester, New London, Connecticut.
    4. MARY      b:    Abt 1680; Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut.
                md: 14 Nov 1699; Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut.
                                 William CLARK.
                 d:        1729; 
    5. EDETHA    b:    Abt 1682; Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut
                md:    Abt 1702; Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut.
                                 Ebenezer MOODY Sr.

CHILDREN of John DAY and Sarah BUTLER:

    6. MAYNARD   b:        1784; Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut.
                md: 27 Oct 1714; Hatfield, Hampshire, Massachusetts.
                                 Elizabeth MARSH
                 d: 10 May 1759; Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut.
    7. SARAH   chr: 19 Sep 1686; Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut.
                md: 10 Jun 1708; Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut.
                                 Gerard or Jared SPENCER.
                 d:    Sep 1767; Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut
    8. ROBERT    b:    Abt 1688; Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut.
                 d:            ; 
    9. JAMES   chr:  5 Apr 1690; Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut.  
   10. WILLIAM chr: 24 Apr 1692; Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut.
                md: 18 Apr 1717; , , Connecticut
                                 Elizabeth ANDREWS.
                 d: 26 Nov 1768; , , Connecticut
   11. Joseph    b: 14 Jun 1699; Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut.
                md: 24 Mar 1737; Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut.
                                 Deborah ANDREWS
                md: 15 Sep 1763; Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut.
                                 Mary BUTLER.
                 d: 10 Jun 1785; Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut.
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