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Ancestry of Garrett HOUGHTALING

Up Dated 11 July 2001
Coenradt Mathyse HOOGTEELING2 (Mathys Coenradtse1)

Coenradt Mathyse HOOGTHEELING
Tryntje Willemse VAN SLYCK

Coenradt Mathys was born about 1667 in Little Nine Partners, Green, New York, and was married 16 August 1688 in Albany, Albany, New York, Tryntje Willemse VAN SLYCK the daughter of William Pieterse VAN SLYCK and Baertje. She was born about 1667, in Green County, New York.

Genealogical and Biographical Record




Conrad Mathys Houghtaling, "young man," and Tryntje Willemsz Van Slyk, "young daughter of New Albany," had first banns of their marriage announced in the Albany Reformed Dutch Church on 26 August 1688 (HSYB 1904). She was the daughter of William Van Slyk and Bieltje Nieffens (?) (Innes Getty Coll., NYG&B, 7:12). In 1699 Conrad pledged his allegiance to the English Crown at Albany (An-A 3:276). For nearly two centuries his descendants lived on portions of the original 3,500 acres west of Coxsackie that had been granted to his father. Beers (Hist. Green Co. 238f), Vedder (History of Greene Co. 68f), and the Reverend Delbar Clark (Ye Olden Time 5:12) have written accounts of court disputes over this property that occurred in later years. In 1720 Conrad was listed as "freeholder, Manor of Rensselaerswyck." He died in 1745.

Conrad's descendants will find much helpful information in the careful and comprehensive Hotaling Genealogy, a manuscript of the late Anna Hotaling deposited in the New York State Library at Albany. Unfortunately, this excellent record, the work of a lifetime, is not indexed, and is not documented by source references; but it contains an enumeration of thousands of descendants, well into the present century.

All eleven of the children of Conrad Houghtaling and his wife Tryntje Van Slyk were baptized in the Albany Reformed Dutch Church:

CHILDREN of Coenradt Mathys HOOGHTEELING and Tryntje Willemse VAN SLYCK:

    1. HENDRICK  chr: 17 Nov 1689; Coxsackie, Green, New York.
                   d: Died Young ; Albany, Albany, New York.
 +  2. WILLEM    chr: 17 Jan 1692; Albany, Albany, New York.
                  md:  9 Nov 1716; Albany, Albany, New York.
                                   Helena ZIELLE.
    3. MARITJE   chr: 15 Apr 1694; Albany, Albany, New York.
                  md:  3 Oct 1731; Albany, Albany, New York.
                                   John S. BRATT.
    4. MATHYS    chr: 14 Jun 1696; Albany, Albany, New York.
    5. PIETER    chr:  9 Oct 1698; Albany, Albany, New York.
                  md: 15 Feb 1744; Kingston, Ulster; New York.
                                   Jannetjen DeWITT
    6. BEERTJE   chr: 29 Dec 1700; Albany, Albany, New York.
                  md: 10 Dec 1730; Albany, Albany, New York.
                                   Christian LAING
    7. HENDRICK  chr: 20 Jun 1703; Albany, Albany, New York.
                  md: 12 Sep 1729; Albany, Albany, New York.
                                   Hester PRITCHER
    8. TEUNIS    chr: 29 Sep 1705; Albany, Albany, New York.
                  md:            ; Albany, Albany, New York.
                                   Dorothea VAN DEN BERG.
    9. JOHANNES  chr:  6 Jun 1708; Albany, Albany, New York.
                  md: 28 Aug 1726; , Albany, New York.
                                   Marretjen HORNBECK
   10. JANNETJE  chr: 30 Apr 1710; Albany, Albany, New York.
   11. JONATHAN  chr: 20 Apr 1712; Albany, Albany, New York.
                  md: 15 Sep 1739; , Schoharie, New York.
                                   Neeltye VAN DER VOLGE
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