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Agnes HUNT

Thomas was born 1396 in White Nottley, Essex, England and married Agnes HUNT. She was born in Gosfield, Essex. England.

The Wrights of Kelvedon Hatch

Compiled By: Albert Nye

1. The following is a descending history of the Kelvedon Wrights Compiled By: Albert Nye. Albert begins his history with the grandfather of the Reverent Henry Wright, and lists him as "Father".
2. Within this file there are a number of dates that are different from our records, but we believe the difference is due to the change in dating from the "old" to the "new" dates.
3. We have also linked a few additional descending lines to this page. The links will be made through "Family #'s begining with the letter "A", "B", etc. For an example one child will be continued on "Family #20" and if we link the next child (that is not listed here), he will be linked as "Family #20A".

Family #2.
Thomas Wright was born 1396 in White Nottley Essex England He married Agnes Hunt. She was born in Gosfield, co Essex, England.

Child of Thomas and Agnes Wright is:

 i. Rev Henry Wright, b. 1424, Upminister Suffolk England
                      d. Upminister co Essex, England.
                      (See Family #3) 

CHILDREN of Thomas WRIGHT and Agnes HUNT:

 + 1. Rev HENRY b:        1424; Upminster, Suffolk, England.
               md:        1448; Upminster, Suffolk, England.
                                Anna WHITBREAD
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