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and 1st
Elizabeth ALLOTT
and 2nd
Agnes/Annis _______

English Ancestry of Elizabeth (Porter) Johnson

The ancestry of Elizabeth (PORTER) JOHNSON is abstracted from "The English Ancestry of Edward Porter of Roxbury, his Sister Elizabeth (Porter) Johnson, and their Cousin, Ellizabeth (Dowell) Payson," by Douglas Richardson (NEHGR 158:45-60).
The "Allott/Allett Family" appears on pages 53-57, and the "Plomer Family" on pages 57-60 of the cited reference.

Adrian was baptized.13 February 1585/86, in Watton-at-Stone, Hertfordshire; England, and married first 28 April 1606. in Ware, Hertfordshire, England, Elizabeth ALLOTT, the daughter of Robert ALLOTT and Joan _______. She was baptized 17 March 1582/23, in Ware, Hertfordshire; England and buried 28 March, 1617, in Ware Hartfordshire, England.

Adrian married second 1617 to Agnes/Annis _______. She was born in England and buried, 17 January 1630/31, in Ware, Hertfordshire, England. Agnes_______ wrote her will 22 December 1630 and proved 1 March 1630/31), in which she named her sons John and William, and step-daughters Elizabeth and Susan. Adrian died after 1623/24 the Son of Robert PORTER and Margeret PLOMER.

Children of Adrian and Elizabeth Porter:

Robert    - bap. Feb. 22, 1606/7, Ware, Hertfordshire England;
            bur. Jun. 27, 1608,   Ware, Hertfordshire. 
Edward    - bap. Mar.  5, 1608/9, Ware, Hertfordshire, England;
              d.          1677,   Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts.
              Edward's will was dated Jul. 28, 1677 and proved
              Aug. 3, 1677. He married first Oct. 1, 1632 at 
              Chelmsford, Essex to Anne ELLIOTT, who signed a deed
              with her husband on Jun. 13, 1674 at Boston, Massachussetts.
              Anne was probably related in some way to Rev John ELLIOT
              (1604-1690) minister at Cambridge, Massachusetts and 
              Hartford, Connecticut. Edward and Anne, with two children,
              came to America in 1636. He became a freeman May 17, 1637 at
              Roxbury, Massachusetts, and moved to Boston, Massachusetts
              about 1655. Edward married second Mrs. Rhoda GORE REMINGTON
              (b. about 1610; d. 22 Aug. 1693, Roxbury, Massachusetts).
              She was the widow of John GORE and of John REMINGTON, and
              after Edward's death she married fourth Joshua TIDD of
              Charlestown, Massachusetts. 
              Children of Edward and Anne:
                 William   married Elizabeth HAWKINS;
                 Elizabeth married Joshua NASH;
                 Hannah    married Fathergone DINELEY;
                 Mary      married Peter BENNET;
                 Joseph    died    young;
Elizabeth - bap. Feb. 10, 1610/11, Ware, Hertfordshire England;
              d. Aug. 15, 1683,    Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts.
              Married              Isaac JOHNSON.
Joan      - bap. Nov.  1, 1612,    Ware, Hertfordshire;
              d.                   young. 
Mary      - bap. Jan.  1, 1613/4,  Ware, Hertfordshire England;
            bur. Jun. 13, 1616,    Ware, Hertfordshire. Englnd. 
Susan     - bap. Mar. 31, 1616,    Ware, Hertfordshire England. 
Sons of Adrian and Agnes Porter
John      - bap. Mar.  1, 1617/8,  Ware, Hertfordshire.
William   - bap. Aug.  9, 1620,    Ware, Hertfordshire.

CHILDREN of Adrian PORTER and Elizabeth ALLOTT:

   1. ROBERT    chr: 22 Feb 1606; Ware, Hertfordshire, England.
                bur: 27 Jun 1608; Ware, Hertfordshire, England
   2. EDWARD    chr:  5 Mar 1608; Ware, Hertfordshire, England.
                 md:  1 Oct 1632; Chelmsford, Essex, England.
                                  Anne ELLIOTT.
                 md:            ; , , Massachusetts.
                                  Rhoda ?????.
                  d:        1677; Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts.
             Will d: 28 Jul 1677; Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts.
             Will p:  3 Aug 1677; Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts.   
 + 3. ELIZABETH chr: 10 Feb 1610; Ware, Hertfordshire, England.
                 md:            ; , , .
                                  Isaac JOHNSON
   4. JOAN      chr:  1 Nov 1612; Ware, Hertfordshire, England.
                  d: Died Young ; , Hertfordshire, England. 
   5. MARY      chr:  1 Jan 1613; Ware, Hertfordshire, England.
                bur: 13 Jun 1616; Ware, Hertfordshire, England32
   6. SUSAN     chr: 31 Mar 1616; Ware. Hertfordshire, England.

CHILDREN of Adrian PORTER and Agnes _______:

   7. JOHN      chr:  1 Mar 1617; Ware, Hertfordshire, England.
   8. WILLIAN   chr:  9 Aug 1620; Ware, Hertfordshire, England.
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