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Ancestry of Polly CHAMBERLAIN

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Elizabeth JAQUES

Branch I

Richard CHAMBERLINE of Braintree, Massachusetts, is first mentioned in New England in the "Register of Births and Burials in Braintree from the year 1637 until the first month of 1644" wherein is recorded the birth of his son Richard 19(d) 10(m) 1642 and the same child's death 25 December following.

He removed to Roxbury, Mass., where he is mentioned in the Roxbury land grant, supposed by historians to have been made about 1655. He was granted "an house and halfe an acre of land, more or less, adjoining to it, abutting east upon Mr. John ELIOT'S and upon Tobias DAVIS on the south of it." (Roxbury Book of Possessions and Reports of the Commessioners of Boston, p. 44.)

At this place the following children were baptized: Benjamin, Joseph, Mary, Rebecca, and Ann,--all baptized 4 June 1665, and Mehitable, 28 January 1666. The name of his first wife is unknown. At this time he had his second wife who was Sarah, daughter of Edward and Rebecca BUGBEE of Roxbury. She came over with her parents in the ship Francis, from Ipswich, county Suffolk, England, in 1634, at the age of four years. "Sarah, wife of Richard CHAMBERLINE, was admitted to full communion in ye church on 28(d) 3(m) 1665." (John ELIOT'S Records.)

Edward BUGBEE made his will 26 November, 1668 and in it he mentions "my daughter Sarah, the wife of Richard CHAMBERLINE." (Savage's Genealogical Dictionary. Vol. 1, p.289)

In 1667 Richard CHAMBERLINE sold his land in Roxbury and removed to Sudbury, Massachusetts, where he purchased 60 acres of land (at the present village of Wayland, of William WARD of Marlboro for which he received his deed 6 November, 1668. (Middlesex Deeds. Vol. VI, p. 157.)

He married as his third wife, 30 March 1671-2, Elizabeth JAQUES of Sudbury; made his will 12 February 1673, and died before 15 April following, as his will was probated on that time.
(Sudbury Town Records.)

When his property was apprised at settlement of the estate, the valuations: house and lands 102; clothes, 5; plow, cart, and tackling, 3 10s, etc.; one iron pot and two pot-hooks, trowe, tongs, fire-pan, mustard bowl, etc., 1 6s 6d. (Middlesex Co., Mass., Wills. Vol. IV, p. 154.)

To have lived by the side of the great Apostle of the Indians (John ELIOT) was, in itself, an inspiration which Mr. CHAMBERLINE transmitted to his posterity, even though both of his sons were compelled to take up arms against the tribes under King Philip in 1675.

Genealogical Dictionary of New England Settlers
Volume 1 Page 355.

RICHAR, Braintree, had Richard, b. 19 Dec. 1642, d. in six days; rem. to Roxbury, there had Benjamin, Joseph, Mary, Rebecca, and Ann, all bapt. 4 June 1665; and Mehitable, 28 Jan. 1666. His w. was Sarah, d. of the first Edward Bugbee, but she could only be sec. w. He rem. to Sudbury, and d. bef. 15 Apr. 1673, when his will of 12 Feb. preced. was pro. It names those six ch. as then liv. calls one Mary Smith, and adds to the number Eliz. Daniel, beside John Graves, and perhaps his sis. Mary G. but of such Graves I kn. nothing.


  I. Richard1, The researches of Joseph Edgar Chamberlin embodied in a
       pamphlet published by him in 1894, show that Richard Chamberlin
       is first mentioned as in Braintree, Massachusetts, in 1637. 
       whence he removed to Sudbury and died before April 15, 1673. He
       left sons Benjamin and Joseph and several daughters.

Vital Records of Roxbury Mass to 1850 Vol. 1

Anna, Benjamin, Joseph, Mary, and Rebecca all bap. 4:4m:1665

on file in
Middlesex County, Massachusetts, Probate Office.

ffebruary 12th 1672-3. In the name of God Amen: I, Richard CHAMBERLINE of Sudbury in the County of Middlesex in New England, being weake in body yit in perfect memory, blessedbe the Lord: Revoking all other wills do make this my last will and testament: I do commit my soul into the hands of God that gave it and do dispose of my worldly wealth as followeth:

Imp(e): I doe give to Benjamine, my eldest sonne, my housing and lands that are in my possession, with all my stock of cattell that are properly my owne to have the benefit of all, he paying all my debts and engagements and alowing my beloved wife her maintainance and dwelling in the house during the three years time or if my wife shall see meet to leave the house, he the said Benjaming shall allow her forty shillings a yeare only my will is that my wife shall have out of the stock one Cowe in possion for her owne after ny decease called the starr Cowe during the terme of three yeares to be maintained by the said Benjamine with the increase of her proppor use and my will is that if the Cowe do live and prosper that my wife after her decease shall return a Cowe again which shall be for the use of my daughter Mehitabel, but in case the said Cowe shall die and not bring profit to my wife she shall not be liable to make return of any Cowe againe also my will is at the end of three yeares above expressed my wife shall enjoy my house and halfe my barne with halfe my lands both uplands and meadowes pasture lands during her naturall life without molestation of the said Benjamine or any of mine.

Also my will is my wife after my decease shall enjoy all that she brought with her at marriage to her owne propper use also my will is that my wife shall enjoy during her naturall life one iron pot, one warming pan, one brass keetle, one frying pan, the tables in the house, Clayers, formes and all wooden vessells in the house and after her decease to be returned to those of my children as I have disposed them.

Also whereas there is a stock of sheep that I have taken to halves, it is my will my son Benjamine shall keep the said sheep during the three yeares time at his cost he allowing my wife halfe the profit that arises and make return of the stock at the end of the time: Also my will is that my wife shall have two pigs at the end of three yeares about a y(e) [yeare] old to her owne use: Also my will is that my wife shall have the benefit of a horse to ride to meeting of upon her necessary occasions during her life or abode in my house.

Also the said Benjamine is to take care to carry and bring home her grist from mill during her life of her abode theare.

Also my will is that my son Benjamine after the decease of my beloved wife shall enjoy all my housing lands with all rights and priviledges thereto belonging he the said Benjamine paying all legacies given and bequeathed by me viz(t): To my daughter Rebecca eighteen pounds: To my son Joseph twenty pounds : To my daughter Anne eighteen pounds: To my daughter Mehitabel eighteen pounds: To be paid five pounds a yeare beginning the first payment to the eldest and ----- the next in age five pounds until the whole be paid. Also I do give to my daughter Elizabeth DANIELS [S?] forty shillings. Also to my daughter Mary SMITH forty shillings. Also I do give to my grandchild John GRAVES forty shillings: also to my daughter Mary GRAVES I give one shilling -- all these last legacies last expressed to be paid within four yeares after my decease and and alwo my will is that my sonne Benjamine shall be sole executor of this my last will and testament. Signed sealed in the presence of John STONE, Daniel WASCRUST.

                                        Richard CHAMBERLINE.


         To Rebecca CHAMBERLINE ............  9
         To John GRAVES ....................  1   4s   6d

         Valued at .........................139  15s   6d
         Added ............................. 25   3s   5d.
    Returned 18 Aprill 1673.

CHILDREN of Richard CHAMBERLAIN and his first wife:

    1. RICHARD    b: 19 Dec 1642; Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts.
                  d: 25 Dec 1643; Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts.


    2. BENJAMINE  b:    Abt 1655; Roxbury , Suffolk, Massachusetts.
                 md:  5 Jun 1677; Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts.
                                  Sarah BALL.
                  d:    Abt 1636; Colchester, New London, Connecticut.
    3. MARY       b: 30 Jan 1648; Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts.
                 md:  1 Dec 1671; Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts.
                                  Joseph GRAVES.
                 md:            ; , , . 
                                  Mr. SMITH.
    4. REBECCA    b:    Abt 1659; Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts.
                 md: 11 Feb 1679; Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts.
                                  Philip SHATTUCK.
                  d:        1728; , , .
    5. ANNE       b:    Abt 1661; Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts.
 +  6. JOSEPH     b:    Abt 1664; Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts.
                 md: 28 Aug 1682; Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts.
                                  Hannah GILBERT
                  d:  8 Aug 1721; Oxford, Worcester, Massachusetts,
    7. MEHITABLE  b: 28 Jan 1666; Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts.
                 md:            ; , , .
                  d:    Aft 1673;
    8. ELIZABETH  b:    Abt 1668; Sudbury, Middlesex, Massahusetts.
    9. DANIEL     b:    Abt 1670; Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts.


   10. None Known b:            ; , , .
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