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3. Joshua JENNINGS

Joshua was born about 1620 in England, and married 23 December 1647 in Hartford, Hartford, Conecticut, Mary WILLIAMS. She was born about 1626 and died December 1697, in Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut. Joshua died 1676 in Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut.

After Joshua's death Mary married 16 December 1680 in Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut, George SLAWSON of Stamford, Fairfield, Connecticut.

Genealogical Dictionary of New England Settlers
Volume 2   page 545

JOSHUA, Fairfield 1656, had, in 1648, lived in some town on the river. prob. Hartford, where he married 23 December 1647, Mary WILLIAMS, but whose daughter she was is unknown. He gave offence, died at Fairfield 1676, leaving family and a good estate

Connecticut Puritan Settlers, 1633-1845

First Sttlers of the Colony

Jennings, Joshua, Hartford, 1688.

A Part of the Early Marriages, Births, and Baptisms,
in Hartford, Ct., from Record.

Jennings Joshua, married Mary Williams, 1647

"History and Genealogy of the Families of Old Fairfield."
Vol. I and Vol. II
by Donald Lines Jacobus, MA

JENNINGS, Joshua an early settler of Hartford; fined for a trivial offense, he left Hartford in 1650 and settled in Fairfield.

Moved to Fairfield CT in 1656

Married at Hartford, 22 December 1647, Mary WILLIAMS.   She married second at Fairfield, 16 December 1680, George SLAWSON, of Stamford; with whom she made a marriage covenant dated 18 November 1680.


"History of Ancient Wethersfield"
Vol 1, Conn. State Library - Hartford

Joshua, a carpenter, was in Wethersfield, Co, 1646, where he was employed in the bldg. of the meeting ho. - and perhaps earlier. In Jan., 1648/49 was paid 20s for "setting up the minister's desk" and 6 pound for other. His wife Mary (perhaps a dau. of Mathew)


"History and Genealogy of the Families of Old Fairfield."
Vol. I and Vol. II
by Donald Lines Jacobus, MA

Will 25 Feb 1674; to son Joshua, my carpenter, joiner, wheelwright, and turning tools; to rest of my sons, Joseph, Michael, John, Samuel, Matthew, and Isaac, and to my daughters, Mary and Elizabeth, 20 shillings apiece; to my wife Mary residue, housing, lands, chatels, etc.; friends Major GOLD and Mr. WAKEMAN to be helpfull to my wife;
witnesses Josiah HARVEY, Mary STAPLES.
Inv. 27 Nov 1675.

Goodwife SLAWSON demanded goods which had been in possession of her son-in-law John SMITH, John and his wife being deceased; she made oath 9 December 1690 that the goods were hers and "she would never give them to her daughter said SMITH's wife if she would proceed in the match with said SMITH."

Will of Mary SLAWSON, 27 March 1697; sons Matthew, Isaac, and Samuel JENNINGS; daughter Mary CURTIS, all her wearing apparel and 30 out of Estate at Stamford; daughter-in-law Hannah JENNINGS; son Joseph JENNINGS; grandchildren John SMITH 5; five sons, Joshua, Joseph, Sanuel, Mathew, and Isaac
Inv. 10 January 1697;

Great Migration Begins Index:
Immigrants to New England, 1620-33

On 26 May 1658 "Mr. George Hull" sold to "Josua Jennings" two acres at Sasco Hill [Fairfield LR 1:114].

This is a letter that was copied from the Jenning's file
at the Hartford Historical Society on 3/3/95.

I. JOSHUA JENNINGS. An early settler of Hartford; fined for a trivial offense, he left Hartford in 1650 and settled in Fairfield. Married at Hartford 22 Dec. 1647 Mary Williams. She m. (2) at Fairfield, 16 Dec. 1680, George Slawson of Stamford; with whom she made a marriage covenant dated 18 Nov. 1680. Will 25 Feb. 1674/5; to son Joshua, my carpenter, joiner, wheelwright and turning tools; to rest of my sons, JOSEPH, MICHAEL, JOHN, SAMUEL, MATTHEW and ISAAC," etc. (Jecobus.) Will of Mary Slawson 27 Mar. 1697; sons Matthew, Isaac ...dau.-in-law Hannah Jennings; son Joseph Jennings," etc. Ibid. 1943 Correction by Jacobus, p. 20 states: Joshua m. 23 (not 22) Dec. 1647, and gives line of Nehemiah Jennings of Weston.

A General History of the Jennings Family,
by W.H. Jennings, Columbus, Ohio. 1899

Joshua was b. about 1620 in England, d. 1675 Fairfield, Conn. He was found in Hartford eleven years after its founding, and left in 1650 by ship with his wife, going to Fairfield to Barlow's Plain, where he owned the Jennings Farm or Woods in West Parish, Fairfield, later called Greenfield Farms, a place composed largely of Jennings descendants.

"The History of Fairfield,"
E.H. Schenck, 1889,   p. 383,

Joshua Jenning's name appears at Hartford in 1648. 'At a particular Court held at Hartford 6 Sept. 1649, 'Joshua Jennings for not watching one night & other ill carriage to the Constable, is to pay to the watchman in his room, & is fined 2s 6d.' On the 3d of Nov. 1650 he again fell under the displeasure of the Court. It appears that he fled on board a ship lying in the Connecticut river from the fine imposed upon him, for which the Court fined Greenfell Lerreby 5 and Stephen Daniels for conveying him from the power of authority..He settled at Fairfield before 1656, where he always maintained an excellent reputation. He lived at Barlow's Plain, and died leaving a good estate. ' His son Joshua settled at Green's Farms." Above shows that Joshua was a stiff-necked Puritan who could not be coerced and would rather leave his home than submit to a fine he objected to.

See also Jennings Genealogy by Francis A. White, and American Family Antiquity by A.B. Jennings, from which W.H. Jennings took some material.

Schenck continues:

The heirs of Joshua Jennings for many years made fruitless efforts to establish a lawful claim to the vast estate of William Jennings of Action Plact, born in 1701, who d. 29 June 1798, leaving estates in eleven counties in England and millions in pounds sterling in nearly all the banks of London...The property of this rich William Jennings was claimed in part by the Baroness Howe, a daughter of the celebrated Admiral Howe, through a claim of intermarriage with the Jennings family with that of Curzens. The Earl Beuchamp or Becham also claimed heirship. Some clue in this way may be given to Robert Beacham or Beauchamp of early Greens Farms. This William Jennings was the only child of Robert Jennens and Ann...He was also a nephew of Sarah Jennings, a maid of honor and the favorite of Queen Ann, who married the great Duke of Marlborough.

Database: Gene Pool Individual Records

          Birth Birth       Death Death       Marr. Marriage
Name      Date  Place       Date  Place       Date  Place   Spouse  Father  Mother
Joshua    1648  ,           1730  Fairfield,                Mary    Joshua   Mary
Jennings        Hartford,         Fairfield,                Lyon    Jennings Williams
                CT                CT
Joseph    14    Fairfield,  1     Fairfield,                Abigail Joshua    Mary
Jennings  May   Fairfield,  Aug   Fairfield,                Turnay  Jennings  Williams
          1650  CT          1727  CT
Michael   1651  Fairfield,  1717                                    Joshua    Mary
Jennings  to    Fairfield,                                          Jennings  Williams
          1652  CT
John      1653  Fairfield,  1697                                    Joshua    Mary
Jennings  to    Fairfield,                                          Jennings  Williams
          1656  CT
Samuel    1654  Fairfield,  7                               Sarah   Joshua    Mary
Jennings  to    Fairfield,  Dec                             Grumman Jennings  Williams
          1656  CT          1732
Mathiew   1654  Fairfield,  1737  Fairfield,                        Joshua    Mary
Jennings  to    Fairfield,        Fairfield,                        Jennings  Williams
          1658  CT                CT
Elizabeth 1664  Fairfield,  1698                            John    Joshua    Mary
Jennings  to    Fairfield,                                  Smith   Jennings  Williams
          1666  CT           
Mary      1662  Fairfield,  1698  Stratford,                        Joshua    Mary
Jennings  to    Fairfield,        Fairfield,                        Jennings  Williams
          1668  CT                CT
Isaac     1660  Fairfield,   10                              Mary    Joshua    Mary
Jennings  to    Fairfield,   July                            Gray    Jennings  Williams
          1673  CT           1746

Millennium File

Name:        Hannah Jennings
Spouse:      Edward Hinman
Birth Date:  25 Jul 1678
Birth Place: Fairfield, Fairfield, CT
Death Date:  25 Jul 1777
Parents:     Joshua Jennings, Mary Lyon
Children:    Zachariah Hinman

Name:        Joshua Jennings
Spouse:      Mary Williams
Birth Date:  Abt 1622
Birth Place: of , , Eng
Death Date:  1675
Death Place: Hartford, Hartford, CT
Children:    Joshua Jennings

Name:        Joshua Jennings
Spouse       Mary Lyon
Birth Date:  Abt 1648
Birth Place: Hartford. Hartford, CT
Death Date:  Est 1716
Parents:     Joshua Jennings, Mary Williams
Children:    Hannah Jennings

Name:        Mary Williams
Spouse:      Joshua Jennings
Birth Date:  Abt 1626
Birth Place: of Hartford, Hartford, CT
Death Date:  Mar 1697
Children:    Joshua Jennings


 + 31. JOSHUA    b:        1649; Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut.
                md:            ; Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut.
                                 Mary LYON
                 d:        1730; Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut.
 + 32. JOSEPH    b:        1650; Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut.
                md:        1680; Fairfield, Farifield, Connecticut.
                                 Abigaile TURNEY.
                md:            ; 
                                 Sarah BULKLEY
                 d:        1727; , , Connecticut.
   33. MICHAEL   b:    Abt 1652; Fairfield, Farifield, Connecticut.
                 d: died young ; Fairfield, Farifield, Connecticut.
   34. JOHN      b:        1654; Fairfield, Farifield, Connecticut.
                 d:    Bef 1697; Fairfield, Farifield, Connecticut.
 + 35. SAMUEL    b:        1657; Fairfield, Farifield, Connecticut.
                md:            ; , Farifield, Connecticut.
                                 Mary  COUCH
                md:        1691; , Fairfield, Connecticut.
                                 Sarah GRUMMAN
                 d:        1734;
 + 36. MATTHEW   b:        1659; Fairfield, Farifield, Connecticut.
                md:    Abt 1693; Fairfield, Farifield, Connecticut.
                                 Mary _______
                md:        1719; Fairfield, Farifield, Connecticut.
                               + Hannah JACKSON.
                 d:    Abt 1737; Fairfield, Farifield, Connecticut.
   37. MARY      b:        1668; Stratford, Farifield, Connecticut.
                md:    Abt 1694; Fairfield, Farifield, Connecticut.
                                 Daniel CURTIS
                 d:        1698; Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut.
 + 38. ISAAC     b:    Abt 1673; Fairfield, Farifield, Connecticut.
                md:            ; 
                                 Mary GRAY
                md:            ; 
                                 Abigail MOREHOUSE
                 d: 10 Jul 1746; Fairfield, Farifield, Connecticut.
   39. ELIZABETH b:    Abt 1675; Fairfield, Farifield, Connecticut.
                md:            ; Fairfield, Farifield, Connecticut. 
                                 John SMITH.
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