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Francis HOLMLS
Ann _______

Francis was born about 1600 in , , Yorkshire, England and married in England Ann _______. She was born about 1602 in England and died in , Fairfield Connecticut. Francis died 3 March 1675 in Stamford, Fairfield, Connecticut.

Note: From a gedcom file at World Connect on

Francis Holmes was a blacksmith. He lived in Stamford, Conn.

Francis and Ann Holmes arrived from Suffolk Co., England and settled in Watertown. It is uncertain when they arrived, whoever it was in or before 1633, because their oldest son, Stephen, was born in Watertown in 1634.

In 1636, Francis and Ann Holmes, moved from Watertown, Mass. to Wethersfield, CT. He followed Andrew Ward's and John Miller's example and also made a profit selling his land and home in Watertown to new arrival Puritans (probably Nicholas Theall).

Also in 1636, Thomas Hooker led a hundred people, most of the towns population, from New Town on a two week trek through the wilderness to build Harford. The newcomers laid out orderly villages nest to the best land, and whacked a few Dutch soldiers on the head when they ordered that the plowing be stopped. Hooker told them "You Dutch have been here many years and done scarcely anything. It's a sin to let such rich land lie uncultivated."

Towards the end of summer, Indian attacks made the settlers' problems with land titles and wolves seem very small. Enraged Pequot Indians, their canoes, wigwams, and crops destroyed by the Boston men, besieged Fort Saybrook, at the mouth of the Fresh River, through the spring and summer and in the fall, the Pequots asked the Narragansetts to join them in destroying all the white intruders in the valley.

When the news reached John Winthrop, Governor of the Bay Colony, he turned for help from Roger Williams (founder of Rhode Island who had lived with the Narragansett Indians and learned their language), who quickly responded and canoed alone in a storm to the Indian War Council. Expecting every minute to have Pequots' "bloody knives at my throat," Williams spent three days persuading his Narragansett friends to shun the Pequots and join the English to do what Thomas Hooker called "this work of the Lord's revenge." The alliance saved the Connecticut Valley towns.

In 1657, Francis and Ann Holmes. with their four children moved from Wethersfield, CT to Stamford. CT and bought Lot 56 from Thomas Hunt. They lived out their lives in Stamford and when Francis died in 1680, title of the lot was transferred to Stephen Holmes, his oldest son.

PROBATE: His will is dated 6 Sep 1671. The inventory was done 14 Feb1675/6. Agreement of heirs was on 3 Mar1675/6.
His name is often spelled HOMES.

"HOLMES, Frances was a residenthere 1648, as appears from the testimony against Robert Penoyer. His will, on record at Fairfield, dated Sept. 6, 1671, mentions his wife Ann, and his children Stephen, John, Richard, and Ann, wife of Samuel Dean. Stephen Holmes has lands assigned him, by the town 1667. Richard Holmes witness here, June 17, 1658, the will of Henry Akerly. John Holmes is on the land records often before 1660. This name has always been among the most respectable of the town." reference: HISTORY OF STAMFORD, CONNECTICUT, from its Settlement in 1641 to the Present Time, including Darien, which was one of its Parishes until 1820. By Rev. E. B. Huntington, A.M. [Stamford 1868, Published by the author], p. 54

His will abstract:

The will of Francis Holmes of "Stanford" was drawn 6 Sep 16 71, proved 14 March ged to me, as witnessed by Sam'll Hoit and Jonas Weed, and I doe alsoe give her, as Long as She e remains my wife (i.e., widow] the use of my house I live in, with the bed I lye on and the furneture belonging to it; with all other things necessary for house keping according as my Ececutors Shall See meete, and then, after her decease of Change of Condition by marriage, the Same to be at the disposal of my executors. I Doe also give her a Sow and a hogg and a Cowe & a heifer as my exectutors Shall appoint, And the Clothes that shee hath that is on my Acount to reaturn to my Executors, the other that shee hath to be at her own disposal.
I Doe give to my Sonn John the Shopp with the Tooles and Iron and Steel an Coales to be prised.
I Doe give my Sonn Stephen by Shaer of the farme, with all the horses and mares that runs in the woods, with all the Carts, plows and furniture belonging to them, and the great Table and long gunn.
Item. I Doe give my Sons John and Stephen all my Cattle and other things, too be equally devided, except what perticulars are otherwise disposed of.
I Doe give my daughter, Ann Dean, Five shillings.
I give my Son Richard five Shillings.
I give my servant Cornelius five Shillings.
I give my Sonn Johns eldest Sonn my short Gunn.
I give my wife 6 bush. of each sort of Corn, wheat, grass, Indian, asllong as Shee remayns my wife, to be payd yearly.
I Doe mak my Sonns John and Stephen Joynt Executors for the managing of this my will...

Wit: Hen. Smith His his mark Francis FH Holmes Ann Smith Mark her mark Math Bellamy

A distribution agreement was signed 3 Mar 1675/6 by the widow, Ann Holmes, by mark; John Holmes, by mark, Richard Holmes, Stephen Holmes, Sam'll Dean; and Ann Dean, by mark (Fairfield Probate Records, 3:6-7)

An inventory of Francis Holmes' estate was taken 14 Mar 1675/6
by Peter FERRIS and Abraham Ambler and was valued at 313:17:03
including housing and land, shop, smith's tools, and grinding stone, 91:05:00; "A Brase Ancor, 12 sh... Sword belt, 12s..a Long fowling peece, 40s." and a carbine, 15 shlings.
The widow Holmes swore to the inventory 14 Mr 1676
(Fairfield Probate Records., 3:6-7).

SOURCE: Prindle, Paul W., Fellow of The American Society of Genealogists.
ANCESTRY OF ELIZABETH BARRETT GILLESPIE (MRS. William Sperry Beineke.) [pub. 1976]
NEHGS lending library, May 1996., p. 268

Francis HOLMES b. about 1600, possibly York
(reference: S. P. Mead's "Ye Historie of Ye Town of Greenwich, p. 566, pub. 1911, reprint by Picton, 1992)
m. Ann --?

Children of Francis HOLMES and Ann _______:

 + 1. STEPHEN             b:    Abt 1634; Watertown, Middlesex. Massachusetts.
                         md:            ; Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts.
                                          Martha, _______
                          d: 14 May 1752  Stamford, Fairfield, Connecticut.
    2. JOHN               b:    Abt 1635; Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts.
                         md: 11 Mar 1659; Stamford, Fairfield, Connecticut.
                                          Rachel Percett WATERBURY
                          d:        1715; Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut.
                       Note: In 1668, John Holmes and Rachel, his wife, received of Joseph Garnie
                             the portion (part of Lot 9 in Stamford, CT) due Rachel out of the
                             estate of her father, John Waterbury.
                             In 1671, John Holmes bought the Simpkin place (another part of Lot
                             9 in Stamford).

                             In 1703, John Holmes Sr. gave land in Bedford to his son, Jonathan.

                             In 1706, John Holmes Sr. gives land in Bedford to his sons David and
    3. ANN                b:    Abt 1637; Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut.
                         md:            ; , , .
                                          Samuel DEAN
    4. RICHARD            b:    Abt 1639; Wethersfield, Hartfield, Connecticut.
                         md:            ; , , .
                                          Sarah WEBB
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