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Walter was born 1644 in Cusop, Herefordshire, England and married about 1679 Greenwich, Fairfield, Connecticut, Rebecca RENOLDS the daughter on Jonathan RENOLDS and Rebecca HEUSTED/HUSTED. She was born about 1655 in Greenwich, Fairfield, connecticut and died 3 June 1730 in Fairfield, Fairfield, connecticut. Walter died April 1693 in Greenwich, Fairfield, Connecticut.

From TAG, Vol. 32 (Jacobus):
"Fairfield Probate shows that Walter BUTLER died Apr. 1693, leaving a widow and children. It seems possible that the widow, Rebecca, married (2) Peter CLAPHAM of Norwalk, and (3) ___ BROWN. In the deeds at Greenwich after BUTLER's death, her new married name is usually written CLAPMAN.... Peter CLAPHAM was a widower with one daughter, and married a second wife Rebecca about 1694. By her he had three children in rapid succession and died 18 Feb. 1697/8. CLAPHAM's widow married a BROWN by 1717, and died in Fairfield where her elder married CLAPHAM daughter was living, and her stone in Fairfield states that she died 3 June 1730 in her 75th year, which would place her birth near 1655."

"...note that Jonathan REYNOLDS and Joshua KNAPP of Greenwich were appointed guardians of the three CLAPHAM children of Rebecca on 22 Jan. 1702/3, although CLAPHAM was of Norwalk. They were probably connections of hers. Also, in the deeds which follow, Joshua KNAPP was co-administrator with Rebecca 'CLAPMAN' on the estate of Walter BUTLER. Joshua KNAPP's wife was Elizabeth Reynolds, younger sister of Jonathan REYNOLDS. Rebecca was not a KNAPP, but it would almost seem from the circumstances cited that she ought to have been sister of Jonathan and Elizabeth REYNOLDS and perhaps oldest child of Jonathan, Sr., and Rebecca (HUESTED) REYNOLDS."

Jacobus then cites Greenwich deeds from 1699, 1700/01, 1703/4, 1711 and 1732, all of which mention the daughters and/or sons-in-laws of Walter Butler:
Elisha MEAD, husband of Sara BUTLER; Benjamin KNAP and his wife Elisabeth;
Daniel MARSHALL and his wife Abigail; Elisha MEAD, Benjamin KNAP, Daniel MARSHALL, Daniel SMITH and Hester BUTLER of Greenwich, and Peter BROWN Jr. of Rye. "Commonplace Book 1, p. 25. 24 Dec. 1711.
Elisha MEADE, Benjamin KNAP, Daniel MARSHALL, Daniel SMITH, and Hester BUTLER, all of Greenwich, and Peter BROWN Jr. of Rye, Westchester Co., NY, for 13, convey to Caleb KNAP of Greenwich, land which was granted to ye Estate of Walter BUTLER, deceased."

Abigail BUTLER married first Daniel MARSHALL and Joshua KNAPP Jr. second thus the above Joshua Knapp is Walter and Rebecca BUTLER's son-in-Law and brother of Benjamin KNAPP who married Elizabeth BUTLER Abigail's sister. -- Rob F.]

Jacobus says:
"There are thus six daughters of Walter and Rebecca BUTLER proved by the deeds:" and names Elizabeth, Abigail, Rebecca, Sarah, "a daughter, m. Peter Brown, Jr., of Rye," and Esther/Hester. "It seems probable from the dates of marriage of the Butler girls, so far as the dates are known or may be inferred, that they were born between 1680 and 1693."

There has been some discussion as to whether the daughter of Walter BUTLER who married Peter BROWN was named Martha. Some have suggested that Peter first married a BUTLER daughter and then married a Martha (said to be Martha WILLIAMS). However, the 1711 and 1712 deeds in which Peter BROWN names his father-in-law Walter BUTLER and the 1736 deed above in which "Marthew BROWN" names her father Walter BUTLER would prove that Peter BROWN only had one wife, Martha BUTLER.

From TAG, Vol. 33 (Jacobus):
In a deed from Westchester Couny, NY (Liber 4, p. 26), "William PENOYER did bequeath to Walter BUTLER of Greenwich, Conn., son of Evan BUTLER of Cursopp in the County of Hereford, the sum of four score pounds. Jan. 1, 1677." "This gives us the point of origin and the name of the father of Walter BUTLER; his mother was probably a PENOYER."

"The will of William PENOYER, Esq., citizen and cloth-worker of London, dated 25 May 1670, proved 13 Feb 1670/1" names Robert PENOYER of Stamford, CT, and a number of BUTLERS, of which the "testator informs us that 'All and every of the said persons of the sirname BUTLER being of my kindred.' He gave to 'Evan BUTLER of Cusopp, Hereford, seventy pounds and to his son Walter, now at New England, and to each other of his children threescore pounds apiece.'"

From Mead:
"Butler, Walter, late of Greenwich, died Apl, 1693, and on Nov. 9, 1693, letters of administration on his estate granted to his widow, John RENOLDS and Joshua KNAPP, page 86a.
"Inventory taken by Jonathan RENOLDS and John BOWERS, verified by his widow Rebecca BUTLER, and filed Nov. 9, 1693, page 86."

Years of birth for his daughters are purely estimates, based on marriages.

Children of Walter BUTLER and Rebecca REYNOLDS:

 +  1. ELIZABETH          b:        1680; Greenwich, Fairfield, Connecticut.
                         md: 18 Apr 1700; Greenwich, Fairfield, Connecticut.
                                          Benjamin KNAPP
    2. ABIGAIL            b:        1683; Greenwich, Fairfield, Connecticut.
                         md: 23 Jun 1703; Greenwich, Fairfield, Connecticut.
                                         Daniel MARSHALL
                         md:  1 Jun 1710; Stamford, Fairfield, Connecticut.
                                          Joshua KNAPP Jr.
                          d:            ; , , Connecticut.
    3. REBECCA            b:        1685; Greenwich, Fairfield, Connecticut.
                         md: 25 Apr 1706; Greenwich, Fairfield, Connecticut.
                                          Daniel SMITH
                          d: 17 Apr 1751; Greenwich, Fairfield, Connecticut.
    4. ESTHER             b:  5 May 1687; Greenwich, Fairfield, Connecticut.
                         md:  7 Dec 1713; Greenwich, Fairfield, Connecticut.
                                          Jonathan MEAD Jr.
                          d:            ; , Dutchess,  New York.
                          d:        1691; , Fairfield, Connecticut.
    5. SARAH              b:        1689; Greenwich, Fairfield, Connecticut. 
                         md:    Abt 1711; Greenwich, Fairfield, Connecticut.
                                          Elisha MEAD
                          d:            ; , , .
    6. MARTHA             b:        1590; Greenwich, Fairfield, Connecticut.  
                         md:        1614; Greenwich, Fairfield, Connecticut.
                                          Peter BROWN Jr.
                          d:            ; , , Connecticut.
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