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Albert/Aldert Heymanse ROOSA
Wilhelmina Wyntje Ariense DE JONGH

Albert/Aldert was born about 1618 in Herwijnen, Gelderland, Netherlands and married about 1641, in , Gelderland, Netherlands, Wyntje Ariense JONGE/DeJONGH the daughter of Arien Meetense DeJONGH and Maria _______. She was born about 1623 in , , Netherlands, and died. Albert/Aldert died 27 February 1677 in Hurley, Ulster, New York.

"The Roosa Family in Holland"
compiled by
Lorraine Duke.

Aeldert (Aldert/Albert) Heijmans Roosa (Rosa). He was born about 1621 in Herwijnen. He married Wyntje (Wilhelmina) Ariens de Jongh of the same village. She was daughter of Arien Meertensen de Jongh and Maijken. They both left their village in Holland with their eight children in 1660 and sailed for New Amsterdam. Family Trees
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With his wife and eight children the Roosas arrived at New Netherland April 15, 1660 on the ship "De Bonte Koe", "the Spotted Cow". He was a wealthy man. They took up residence in the Esopus, New York Districk. he moved to Hurley, New York. At the destruction of the village of Hurley on June 7, 1663 by the Indians, two of the roosa children were taken captive. They were rescued by the colonial forces under the command of Captain Martin Kregier.

The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record
issued Quarterly
226 West 58th St, NY.

Aldert Heijmanszn Rosa with his wife, Wijntje de Jongh, with eight children immigrated on ship "Bonetekoe" in spring of 1660 to New Amsterdam.

On Feb 28, 1660, prior to departure, Alert Heymans, yeoman of Herwijnen, gives Adriaen Adriaens de Jonghm (Alert's brother-in-law) power of attorney to handle his affairs.

'Lists of Inhabitants of Colonial New York"
by Edmund Bailey O'Callahan
Chapter entitled Early Immigrants to New Netherland 1657-1664.

On DE BONTE KOE (The Sportted Cow) April 1660 voyage, Captain Pieter Lucasz: "Albert Heymans [Roosa] far mer, from Gelderland, wife and 8 children: 17, 15, 14, 9, 8, 7, 4, 2 yrs old.

The ROOSA family of Ulster and Dutchers Co. NY.

I. ROOSA, Albert Heymans: (1), Burger, with his wife and children came from Gelderland, in 1660 on the ship called "Spotted Cow" from Holland. He was born Gelderland, died Hurley, NY, 2-27-1679. He was appointed "Schepan" (Alderman) of Wiltwick , (Esopus), now Kingston, NY by Peter Stuyvesant in 1669. He served in the Military forces of the Colony as mustering officer and in other capacities and on April 5, 1670 recruited at Hurley and Marbletown. (see 2nd annual report of State Historia n, NY, pp 378, 379, 384. Also same vol. pp 185, 191, 201, 204, 207, 266, 276, 285, 287, 290, 294, 427. Accounts of Albert and his son Arie. Vol. 31 pp 235-236 NY Historical Magazine.) Wife Wyntje Allard (Wyntie Arrens) Ariens

(Some summarizing of this presentation is made by RAJ).

Governor Francis Lovelace restored Roosa to favor, and in 1669 appointed him and Louis Du Bois two of the Overseers for Hurley, called New Dorp, or New Village. "In 1673 he was confirmed as one of the officers at Esopus by Gov Anthony Colve, and described as "Captain Albert Heymans, who had been prominent in the riot of 1667."

The records state that in 1669, "Albert Heymansen peticond to sett up a Brewhouse and tanfatts in Hurley," and an order was made granting permission.

His name appears with that of his son Arien Albertson Roosa and those of Jacob Jansen Van Etten, Jan Jansen Van Etten, Tho. Quick, Roeloff Swarthout, Mattys Blanchan, Louys Du Bois and others, to the petition to Sir Edmund Andros, Gov of NY, praying that he would assist them in procuring a minister for Esopus "that he can preache bothe Inglish and Dutche, wch. will bee most fitting for this place, it being in its Minority."

Documents, etc pp 543-4. Doc Hist, NY, Vol 3, p 965. Albert Heymans Roosa served in the military forces of the Colony as mustering officer and in other capacities, and on April 5, 1670, at the military rendezvous held at Marbletown, he was present as Sgt of Capt Henry Pawling's Co at which also appeared his son Arie Roosa as private, and in 1673 Albert was Capt of a company recruited from Hurley and Marbletown. See Second Annual Report of State Historian of New York, pp 378-9, 384. See also, same vol., pp 185, 191, 198, 201, 204-7, 266, 276, 285, 287, 290, 294, 298 and 497 for accounts of Albert and his son Capt Arie Roosa.

Albert Heymans Roosa died at Hurley on Feb 27, 1679. In 1685 his widow, Wyntie Allard secured a grant of 320 acres at Hurley. He had the following children, viz:
i. Arie or Aria, b in Holland; married at Kingston, Maria Pels, dau of the Schepin Evert Pels. The proofs of this marriage are found in records of old Dutch Ch of Kingston. Translated by Rev Roswell Randall Hoes, etc. P12, of that Vol, #196,
Ary Heymansse Rosa and Marya Pels appear at bpt of their child Evert; p16, #264,
Ary Rosa & Maria Pels, bpt of child Weyntie; p 24, #426,
Ary Rosa and Maria Pels at bpt child Engeltie: p 30, #544,
Arian Rose Albertson & Maria Ever Pels at bpt of Annetje; p 42, #785,
Arien Roos and wife Maria Pels at bpt of Arien; p 54, #1056,
Ariaan Roosa & Mary Pels at bpt Mary.
In the records Arie Roosa is spelled Aria, Ariaan, Arien, Roosa, Roos, Rose, etc. The mother of Maria Pels was Jannetje Symens, and record of her marr to Evert Pels appears p 2, #10 and p 4 #55 of Hoes' Register.
ii. Heyman, marr Margriet Rosevelt.
iii. Jan, marr Hellegond Williams.
iv. Ikee, marr Roeloff Kierstede.
v. Maritje, marr ....Jansen.
vi. Neeltien, marr Hendric Paeldin, 1676. Banns, Nov 3.
vii. Jannetje, marr Matys Ten Eyck, Nov 16 , 1679.
viii. Aert.
ix. Annetje.
x. Guert, d Jun 15, 1664. The record reads: "hic filius obiit ante baptismum."

Arie Roosa came from Holland with father Albert Heymans Roosa and mother Wyntie Allard on the "Spotted Cow".

His name, spelled Arrie Roos, is found on "A Rool of the Names and Surnames of them that haue takin the oath of allegiance in ye County of Vlstr. by ordr. of His Excely; Ye Governor; ye ffirst day of Septembr Anno Qe: Domini 1689" and also upo n "A List of ffreeholders within the County of Ulster, 1728. The ffreeholders for the Town of Kiungston, Vizt." In the former list appear also the names of Abraham Du Bois, Thomas Quick, Cornelius Slecht, Jan Elting, Jan Van Vliet, Jacob Van Etten , Jan Van Etten his son, Benjamin Provoost, Louis Du Bois, Johannes Westbroeck, Jan Broersen Dekker and Evert Pels.

The "New York Army List for 1700"
embraces the following, viz:

"Province of New York. List of ye present officers of ye Militia in his Matys. Province of New York in America Commissionated by his Excel. Richd. Earle of Bellmont. Capt. Generall & Govr. in Chief in & over his Matys. said Province &c. vizt.."

"Of the Regiment of Militia in ye Counties of Ulster & Dutchess. Jacob Rutsen Lieut. Col.

Of another Foot Compa. in ye said Countys: Aria Rose, Captain; John Rose, Lieut.; Aria Gerrutse, Ensigne; Doc Hist, NY Vol1, pp 357, 363.

Second Annual Report NY Historian
pp 419, 427.

In 1686, Arie Roosa, Jan Eltinge, Gerrit Aartsen, Hendrik Kip and Jacob Kip were granted a large tract of land in Dutchess County. This grant is called the "Arie Roosa Patent," and it embraced about one thousand and five hundred acres, opposite Roundout Creek, near Kingston and extending along the bank of the Hudson River.

Arie Roosa settled upon this grant and lived there his remaining life, and many of his descendants are now found in Dutchess County, prosperous farmers and merchants.

List of Arie's children essentially same as in above record in Eva Alice Scott. This list is followed by: "An account of the descendants of Jannetje Roosa and her husband Jan Van Etten may be found in paper entitled "The Van Etten Family of Ulster and Orange Counties, New York," published in The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, Vol xxx, p 52, January,1899; Vol xxx, p 183, July, 1899; Vol xxx, p 229, October, 1899.

History of Herwijnen

"A great agricultural depression, affecting first the inland areas and North Brabant, in the 1650s and early 1660s, became general in nature in the late 1660s. (One must wonder if this depression influenced AL(D)ERT HEIJMANSZ ROOSA's decision to immigrate to New Amsterdam in the spring of 1660.) After 1662, grain and dairy prices fell dramatically, and rents, because the Republic had been the only west European county regularly exporting and re-exporting great quantities of agricultural produce. This depression, came also to the rest of Europe, but lasted substantially longer in the Republic, not coming out of it until the mid eighteenth century. This was mainly caused because English ships sealed off the harbors preventing the Dutch to trade."

CHILDREN of Albert/Aldert Heymanse ROOSA and Wyntje Ariense DeJONGH:

    1. HEYMAN    chr:  4 Jan 1643; Herwijnen, Gelderland, Netherlands.
                  md:    Abt 1677; , Ulster, New York.
                                   Anna Margriet ROOSEVELT
                   d: 15 Nov 1708; Kingsotn, Ulster, New York.
    2. ARIEN     chr:  3 Jun 1645; Herwijnen, Gelderland, Netherlands.
                  md:    Abt 1669; , Ulster, New York.
                                   Marie Everte PELLS
                   d:        1725; Rhinebeck, Dutchess, New York.
                Note: He was granted a large tract of land in Dutchess
                      County, New York referred to as the Roosa Patent.
    3. JAN       chr: 15 Apr 1646; Herwijnen, Gelderland, Netherlands.
                  md:            ;  , Ulster, New York.
                                    Hellegond Willemsen VAN BUREN
                   d:        1736; , , .
    4. IKEE/EYKE   b:    Abt 1651: Herwijnen, Gelderland, Netherlands.
                   d:        1685; Hurley, Ulster, New York.
    5. MARITJE     b:    Abt 1652; Herwijnen, Gelderland, Netherlands.
                  md:        1672; , , New York.
                                   Laurens Jansen LOWE
    6. NEELTJE     b:    Abt 1653; Herwijnen, Gelderland, Netherlands.
                  md:  3 Nov 1676; Kingston, Ulster, New York.
                                   Captain Henry PAWLING Sr.
                   d: 27 Oct 1745; Rhinebeck, Dutchess, New York.
 +  7. JENNETJE    b:    Abt 1656; Herwijnen, Gelderland, Netherlands.
                  md: 16 Nov 1679; Hurley, Ulster, New York.
                                   Mathys Coenraedtse TEN EYCK
    8. AERT        b:        1658; Herwijnen, Gelderland, Netherlands.
    9. ANNATJE     b:    Abt 1661; New Amsterdam, New Netherlands.
   10. GUERT     chr: 15 Jun 1664; Kingston, Ulster, New York.
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