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and 1st
Margerthe (Margaret) LARSON
and 2nd
Anne (Annie) Caroline PEHRSON

Hans was born 18 March 1807 in Hullebeck, Systofte, Maribo, Denmark; christened 3 May 1807 in Hullebeck, Systofte, Maribo, Denmark; and married first 17 May 1833 in Soruth Kirkeby, Falster, Denmark, Margerthe (Margaret) LARSON, the daughter of (Lauruis) Lars SIMONSEN and Juliane HANSEN. She was born 14 August 1808 in Nykobing, Maribo, Falster, Denmark; Christened 14 August 1808 in Nykobing, Maribo, Falster, Denmark; and died 4 January 1871 in Huntsville, Weber, Utah.

He married second 16 October 1871 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, Anne (Annie) Caroline PEHRSON, the Daughter of. She was born about 1820 in , , Sweden and died. Hans died 18 November 1900 in Kanesville, Weber, Utah.

The online results from the various censuses:

Maribo, Falsters Sønder, Systofte, Systofte Bye, 36. et Huus, 36, FT-1834, 
Navn: Alder: Civilstand: Stilling i husstanden: Erhverv: Fødested:
Hans Pedersen        27 Gift Huusmand
Magrete Larsdatter   26 Gift hans Kone
Karen Rasmusdatter   ?? Enke Husfaders Moder
Lisbeth Rasmusdatter 74 Enke Lever af sine Hænders Arbejde
Hans Christjansen    50 Ugift Almisselem

Maribo, Falsters Sønder, Systofte, Bjorup [Bjørup], 1 Huus, 10, FT-1845, 
Hans Pedersen         38 Gift Hmd. Her i Sognet [Systofte]
Grete Larsdatter      37 Gift hans Kone Nykjøbing, M. A.
Lars Pedersen          8 Ugift deres Børn Her i Sognet [Systofte]
Hans Jørgen Pedersen   6 Ugift deres Børn Ibd [her i Sognet] [Systofte]
Peder Pedersen         5 Ugift deres Børn Ibd [her i Sognet] [Systofte]
Anne Kirstine Pedersen 2 Ugift deres Børn Do [her i Sognet] [Systofte]
Karen Rasmusdatter    87 Enke Fattiglem Eskildstrup, M. A.

Maribo, Falsters Sønder, Systofte, Bjørup, 10, Et Huus, 67, FT-1850, C9627
Hans Pedersen         45 Gift Huusmand, Kurvemager Systofte
Grete Larsdatter      42 Gift Hans kone Nykjøbing
Lars Pedersen         13 Ugift Deres børn Systofte
Hans Jørgen Pedersen  11 Ugift Deres børn Systofte
Peder Pedersen        10 Ugift Deres børn Systofte
Christen Pedersen      5 Ugift Deres børn Systofte
Anne Kirstine Pedersen 7 Ugift Deres børn Systofte
Karen Rasmusdatter    86 Enke Fattiglem Systofte

Maribo, Falsters Sønder, Systofte, Biørup, et Huus, 22, FT-1860, C6879
Hans Pedersen        53 Gift huusmand og Kurvemager Her i Sognet
Margrethe Larsdatter 52 Gift hans Kone Nykøbing
Lars Pedersen        23 Ugift deres Søn ,Væver Her i Sognet
Christian Larsen     15 Ugift deres Søn Her i Sognet

Census Records

1870 Census Ogden Valley, Weber, Utah, Page 503
                                           R Estate Personal Where   Month
Name             Age Sex Race Occupation    Value    Value    Born    Botn
PETERSEN Lars     30  M   W   Basket Maker  -------- -------- Denmark -----
   "     Alena    31  F   W   Keeping House -------- -------- Denmark -----
   "     Mary      3  F   W   ------------- -------- -------- Utah    -----
   "     Lowery    2  M   W   ------------- -------- -------- Utah    -----
   "     Hosanna  2M  F   W   ------------- -------- -------- Utah    April
PETERSEN P B      29  M   W   Farmer        $  0,500 $  0,600 Denmark -----
   "     Hans     63  M   W   None          -------- -------- Denmark -----
   "     Margaret 62  F   W   Keeping House -------- -------- Denmark -----
NELSON   Ann      16  F   W   Keeping House -------- -------- Denmark -----
Petersen Hans     31  M   W   Farmer        $  0,250 -------- Demmark -----
   "     Esy      41  F   W   Keeping House -------- -------- Denmark -----
   "     Anna      4  F   W   ------------- -------- -------- Utah    -----
   "     Henry     2  M   W   ------------- -------- -------- Utah    -----
   "     Eizabeth 2M  F   W   ------------- -------- -------- Utah    April

1880 Census Huntsville, Weber, Utah ED   Page
                                 Mar               |   Place of Birth   |
Name          Race Sex Age Relat Sta Occupation    |Self   Father Mother|
PETERSEN Hans  W    M   73 -----  M  Farmer         Den.   Den.   Den.
   "     Annie W    F   60 Wife   M  Keeping House  Sweden Sweden Sweden
   "     Carl  W    M   19 Son    S  Farmer         Sweden Sweden Sweden

Utah State Archives Database

         First                                          Record 
Surname  Name  County                                   Type
PETERSON Hans  --------------------                     Indian War Affidavit
PETERSON Hans J. 4th District Court (multiple counties) Naturalization Record

Weber County Federal Land Patents

                             Doc. Serial 
Name               Date       #    #
Petersen,  Hans    09/10/1873 1102 003790
Peterson,  Hans D  02/10/1883 2141 003605
Peterson,  Hans J  08/06/1878 954  003259
Peterson,  Peter   01/07/1885 2681 003339
Peterson,  Peter B 08/06/1878 953  003258
Peterson,  Soren   05/20/1875 1298 011120
Ppetersen, Hans D  10/01/1879 1115 003594

Logan, Utah, USA
Newspaper Extracts with comments by Larry D. Christiansen

July 23, 1892 – “Runaway.”
Mr. Hans Peterson had business at the Deseret Mill on Thursday evening and went inside leaving his team untied. He had tied the lines back to the brake and thought that the team would be secure. He had scarcely stepped inside the mill before the horses started. They ran up the hill, crossed the bridge, and went flying down Second street. When they reached Main street they made a short turn to go north that the wagon was overturned and the box thrown off. As the lines were firmly tied to the brake iron, when the wagon box was on the ground the horses found it too hard to pull by the bits, and soon came to s stand still. Very little damage was done. --The Journal, July 23, 1892.

UTGenWeb — Salt Lake County
Deseret News Semi-Weekly Death and Marriage Notices

Petersen, Hans (94), 22 Nov, Huntsville (26 Nov 1900 edition, page 7, column 8)

CHILDREN of Hans PETERSON and Margrethe (Margaret) LARSON:

     1. PETER                      b: 14 Apr 1834; Systofte, Maribo, Denmark.
                                 chr: 24 Apr 1834; Systofte, Maribo, Denmark.
                                   d: 15 Apr 1837; ,  , Demnmark.
     2. LARS                       b: 27 Feb 1837; Systofte, Maribo, Denmark.
                                 chr:  9 Apr 1837; Systofte, Maribo, Denmark.
                                  md:  7 Apr 1866; Huntsville, Weber, Utah.
                                                   Annie Alena LARSEN
                                   d:  9 Jun 1927; Huntsville, Weber, Utah.
 +   3. HANS JORGEN                b:  4 Apr 1839; Bjorup. Maribo, Denmark.
                                 chr: 20 May 1839; Systofte, Maribo, Denmark.
                                  md:  9 Nov 1863; Farmngton, Davis, Utah.
                                                   Kirsten MORTENWEN
                                  md: 20 Oct 1865; Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah.
                                                   Else ELIASEN
                                  md: 24 Mar 1873; Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah.
                                                   Inger Marie Hoxer CHRISTENSEN
                                  md:  2 Nov 1874; Salt Lake city, Salt Lake, Utah.
                                                   Anne Katherine Hoxer CHRISTENSEN
                                   d: 30 Aug 1902; Kanesville, Weber, Utah.
 +   4. PEDER B                    b: 11 Jan 1841; Bjorup, Maribo, Denmark.
                                 chr:  7 Mar 1841; Systofte, Maribo, Denmark.
                                  md: 12 Dec 1870;  Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah.
                                                   Ann (Annie) POWELL
                                   d:  5 Dec 1916; Kanesville, Weber, Utah.
     5. ANNE KIRSTINE              b: 31 Mar 1843; Bjorup, Faster, Denmark.
                                 chr: 20 May 1843; Systofte, Maribo, Denmark.
                                   d:  1 Dec 1858;
     6. CHRISTIAN                  b: 18 Sep 1845; Maral Amt, Bjorup, Faster, Denmark.
                                 chr: 26 Oct 1845; Systofte, Maribo, Denmark.
                                  md: 16 Feb 1869; Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah.
                                                   Emma Matilda BACKMAN
                                   d: 13 Mar 1893; Huntsville, Weber, Utah.

CHILDREN of Hans PETERSON and Anne (Annie) Caroline PEHRSON:

     1. NONE KNOWN                 b:            ; , , .
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Hi Robin Forest,
Discovered your websites this morning while preparing some family material to help in a discussion with a cousin matched through Family Tree DNA's family finder testing.

Your data has helped me fill in siblings of my direct lines ancestors and will therefore help us in locating our most common ancestor!

I want to thank you for the information you are providing on your site!

You and I may be related also. I am a direct descendant of Joseph Richards and Rhoda Howe through:
Phineas Howe Richards & Wealthy Dewey
Franklin D Richards & Rhoda Harriet Foss
Note the children of Rhoda are sealed to her first husband Willard RICHARDS as she was married to Franklin for time only. This is the same for all of the wives of Willard that Frankln was asked to marry in 1856. [R.G.F.] Sarah Elizabeth Richards & Loren Jay Robinson Sr
Rhoda Richards Robinson & Joseph Peterson
Both the Richards and the Robinson family came early to the USA. Many joined the LDS and moved to Utah. Joseph Peterson was my grandfather although he died before I was born.

Do all your birth, marriage and death dates of these early ancestors come directly from the LDS records in Salt Lake City? When I did my research years ago, I only gathered data on my direct line although I did include as many sibling names as I could.

I read your site about yourself. Interesting that Alzheimer's Disease has touched your family also. My father and his brothers all suffered from AD and my oldest sister is also effected. So far I am ok.

Can you see how you and we may be related? It is probably quite a distant relationship.

Please confirm for me the source of your data so I can move ahead with out having to send away for the numerous records I would need for the VERY LARGE number of siblings my ancestors had in the early years.
Janice Peterson

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