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JUDD Family

Created 22 April 2010

Thomas JUDD Sr
and 1st
Elizabeth FREEMAN
and 2nd
Clemence MASON

Thomas was christened 9 February 1608 in Langley Parish, Kent, England and married first 16 February 1632 in Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut, Elizabeth FREEMAN, the daughter of Stephen FREEMAN and Hannah ASTWOOD/ATWOOD. She was born about 1612 in , Kent, England and died 1678 in Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts.

He married second 2 December 1679 in Farmington, Hartford Connecticut, widow Clemence MASON. She was born about 1608 in Northampton, Hampshire, England and died in Connecticut. Thomas died 12 November 1688 in Connecticut.

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Deacon Thomas Judd , born about 1608, immigrant ancestor, came from England in 1633/34 and settled at Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he had a home lot granted to him in August, 1634. It was in that part of town known as the West End, on the road to Watertown. Other land granted 1635 and admitted to freeman, May 25, 1635. He moved to Hartford, CT., May 31 1636, and had two acres for a home lot near the Charter Oak. He was one of the first proprietors and settlers of Farmington, CT., 1644. His home was on Main Street. He was a substantial farmer and an influential man. He served as Deputy to the General Court several times. He was a charter member of the Farmington Church and its second deacon. Affter 1652, he moved with his family to Northampton Mass. He died Nov 12 1688, at approx. 80 yrs of age. His first wife died abt 1678, Farmington CT. He md 2nd, "widow" Clemence Mason, the widow of Thomas Mason. She died Nov. 22, 1696.


MARRIAGE: It is believed that this Thomas Judd may have been married a 3rd time, as his first wife is said to have died before or during the trip to what is now America. (Clemence Mason, who would have been too old to bear children when they were married.)

RESIDENCE(S): He immigrated about 1633 to Cambridge, Middlesex Co., MA

Mary, Edgar and Truman Morsman and their ancestors in the United States of America by Edward Martin Morsman; Omaha, Neb.: unknown, 1932 page 51

Thomas JUDD was born in England in 1608 and died at Northampton Massachusetts Nov 12, 1688. He lived in Cambridge MA 1634, at Hartford CT 1636, and was proprietor of Farmington CT in 1644. Freeman 1636. In 1682, he moved to Northampton. He was Deputy to the General Court, also Representative and Deacon. His first wife was --, who died 1678.

Benjamin Judd, son of Thomas, was born 1642 and died in 1689. He was a Freeman 1669. He married Mary LEWIS, who was born May 6, 1645 and died in 1691. Their daughter Sarah Judd, married Thomas Buck


Children of Thomas JUDD Sr and Elizabeth FREEMAN:

    1. WILLIAM           b:    Abt 1633; Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut.
                        md: 30 Mar 1657; Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut.
                                         Mary STEELE/STEEL
                         d:    Oct 1690; Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut.
    2. ELIZABETH         b: 26 Dec 1635; Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut.
                        md: 27 Dec 1653; Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut.
                                         Samuel LOOMIS
                         d:  7 May 1696; Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut.
 +  3. THOMAS            b:    Abt 1638; Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut.
                        md: 30 Mar 1658; , Hartford, Connecticut.
                                         Sarah STEELE
                         d: 11 Feb 1703; Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut.
    4. JOHN              b:    Mar 1640; Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut.
                        md:    Abt 1669; , New Haven, Connecticut.
                                         Mary HAWKINS
                         d:    Abt 1715; Farmington, Hartford, Connnecticut.
    5. BENJAMIN          b:    Mar 1642; Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut.
                        md:            ; , Hartford, Connecticut.
                                         Mary LEWIS
    6. MARY              b:    Feb 1646; Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut.
                        md: 13 Nov 1651; , , Connecticut.
                                         Thomas LOOMIS
                         d:  8 Aug 1684; Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut.
    7. RUTH              b:  7 Feb 1647; Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut.
                        md:        1678; Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut.
                                         John STEELE
                         d: 11 May 1689; , Hartford, Connecticut.
    8. PHILLIP           b:  2 Sep 1649; Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut.
                        md:            ; , Hartford, Connecticut.
                                         Hannah LOOMIS
                         d:    Oct 1689; Waterbury, New Haven, Connecticut.
    9. SAMUEL            b:    Dec 1651; Farmington, Hartford, Connecticut.
                        md:            ; , Hartford, Connecticut.
                                         Mary STRONG

Children of Thomas JUDD and Clemence MASON:

    0. NONE KNOWN        b:            ; , , .
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